Zereth Mortis Flying Unlock | Easy Ways

Zereth Mortis Flying Unlock

Zereth Mortis Flying unlock service will help you save a lot of time and allows players to fly in the brand new 9.2 zone. The ability to fly in Zereth Mortis will be available to all players who play Patch 9.2 through Eternity’s End by fully exploring the zone, locating rare and valuable items, and receiving Unlocking the Secrets achievement.

The purchase of a WoW 9.2 flying unlocks is the most efficient and fastest method of gaining flying access in the latest Shadowlands patch.

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WoW Zereth Mortis Flying boost includes:

  1. Account-wide flying in Zereth Mortis zone.
  2. The unlocking of the Secrets success.
  3. Zereth Mortis explored and new opportunities are unlocked.
  4. 5/8 chapters of Secrets of the First Ones completed:
    • accomplishment An Instrument to an Ende.
  5. A little known name has been earned by the Enlightened Brokers.

Boost time: 4 to 5 hours.

According to data mined, in order to gain flying access in 9.2 players must finish chapter 5 in the new game. We’ve had enough experience to say that the new questline is likely to be accessible in week 4 following the release of the patch.

Please review the minimum Zereth Mortis flying requirements before purchasing this service.


  • 60 level;
  • no gear requirements.

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How to get flying Zereth Mortis?

If you’re finding it difficult to locate relevant information on when these new 9.2 zones are made available, we’re here to offer you the most current update. Flying confirmed as unlockable in Zereth Mortis in Patch 9.2 in just two weeks following the patch’s release. It will be possible to fly quickly within Zereth Mortis.

How to get flying in Zereth Mortis? You can buy it by purchasing the Zereth Mortis Flying transport for free or unlock it by yourself using our step-by-step instructions.

How to fly in Zereth Mortis?

  1. Go through Zereth Mortis and unlock the zone.
  2. Find an Enlightened Broker Firim and write a brief introduction.
  3. Completion of 5/8 chapters from the Zereth Mortis campaign (takes 2 weeks).
  4. Then complete the the Explore Zereth Mortis accomplishment.
  5. Find five hidden treasures on the following list: Curious Collections.
  6. Completion of side quests to earn Path of Enlightenment achievement.
  7. Find hidden books discovered in the zone to obtain Tales of the Exile.
  8. Find 10 rares to kill to earn adventures to Zereth Mortis completion.
  9. Congratulations! You’ve succeeded in The Secrets of Unlocking and are flying through Zereth Mortis.

While the game guides you through the entire process, the Zereth Mortis flying can eventually turn into a chore. The exploration of the zones, rare mob killings, treasure farm and the lengthy storylines can become tedious. We’re here to help because we have a fast and simple way to get taking off in Zereth Mortis!

With our speedy flying boost, you don’t have to be concerned about getting Patch 9.2 flying. Just purchase the service and let us complete the 9.2 flying requirements. Then, jump onto your favorite flying mount and enjoy Zereth Mortis flying account-wide on every character at once.

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How to Unlock Zereth Mortis Flying in Patch 9.2.5

You have to earn your Unlocking the Secrets Icon unlocking The Secrets achievement in order to unlock all-encompassing account flight in Zereth Mortis.

How Long Does it Take to Unlock Flying in Patch 9.2.5?

Flying is the gated sixth chapter in The Zereth Mortis story. It is available 4 weeks following patch 9.2 goes live, beginning the week of March 15th, 2022..

Flying Requirements in Patch 9.2.5

It is a must to complete the Unlocking the Secrets Icon unlocking of The Secrets meta-achievement requires you finish six achievements in order to gain access to the ability to fly with the help of patch 9.2.

Are you in search of a new partner to fly through the sky of Zereth Mortis with after unlocking flying? Look through our collection guides for 9.2 to discover that new mount you’ve been looking for!

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