Rosen Walker was sentenced to prison for the murder of her husband when she was 17.

After destroying the pride of the Imperial Army, she is jailed twice and captured again one year later. She is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Another jailbreak is being planned for a boat that goes to Monte Island. This island is home to only the most vile prisoners.

“What’s your crime?”

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“… I’m innocent.”

“Only a few prisoners will honestly admit to having committed a crime.”

Ian Connor is a straight-talking and upright ideologist in charge of her deportation. He doesn’t give up.

“Don’t be useless. Just answer the questions.”

Rosen, the Empire’s most notorious jailbreaker

Ian Connor, a young war hero loved by the empire.

The ship is heading to the most horrific prison on Earth, and their story unfolds!

You will be the judge. Is Rosen Walker a liar? Or is she?

In the way it focuses on the effects of war on people, this novel reminded me a lot of Violet Evergarden. Each of the main characters has a different view. Although the romance is present, it is slow. I liked the backstory of each character and the character development they went through to get there. This is a book I enjoyed and would recommend.

According to the author, this novel was heavily influenced by “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, an Afghan-American novel.

Volume 1

She isn’t innocent. She did commit the murder. Her ex-husband was abusive to her and his first wife. She was just 15 when he bought her from the orphanage, as his first wife couldn’t get pregnant. Rosen initially didn’t like Emily, his first wife. She thought she was trying to compete with him for the house. She was hesitant to return to the orphanage or end up in the shelter. She came to love Emily and realized that she was very kind.

They became sisters, friends, and family. Emily is a witch, and Rosen would be able to get pregnant if she took a drug that she made. Hindley discovers and believes that his wives conspired against him. He decided to keep Rosen his only wife because he believed she would be easier to control, as Emily is a witch.

As punishment, he had Emily put in a warehouse, where Rosen killed Hindley. He was paralysed by drugs she had learned from Emily, and he was stabbed over 30 times. She ordered Emily to run and flee Walpurgis Island, known as witch’s Island and a haven for witches.

They promised to meet again. Rosen sat at Hindley’s grave, waiting for her to return. Rosen didn’t want Emily, a witch, to be the authorities’ focus and persecute Emily. She wanted Emily to flee so she kept the media away.

Volume 3 is where Ian discovers the truth about her escape plan. She thought she was fooling everyone when she met them in the engine room. The sleeping pills she stole from Ian had made everyone on board fall asleep. She believed Ian was liar.

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She realized that her plan was working too well because he supported her behind-the-scenes. So she told him she fell for her lies. Ian waited for her, and she admitted that he had fallen for her lies. He didn’t seem to care, and he told her that the lie could stay a lie forever (hence his title Eternal Lie).

Ian didn’t mind that she lied, as he wanted her to escape. He had prepared the lifeboat for her with food and other necessities. He knew she was a witch and assured her she could escape to Walpurgis Island. They agreed to meet again before she went.

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