Young And The Restless Spoilers

Young And The Restless Spoilers has released the latest The Young and the Restless spoilers. They are available for Monday, Oct 10, through Friday October 14. Why’s that? Because it’s a big chance that Tucker will convince Ashley to purchase his bull-line, Diane will keep her house of cards from falling, Nate will get a makeover with Elena and Sally will explain her feelings towards Adam in a way that won’t send Nick running. You have a good chance of getting all the details, as well as many more, if your continue reading.

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Young & Restless spoilers on Friday, Oct 7:

Friday’s recap shows that Chelsea spirals into trouble after being entrapped by Johnny, tensions build between Abby, Chance, and Nikki grills Noah.

Nikki uncovers some dirt about Diane from an unlikely source. This could help her win the short term. But what about the long-term? Is Mrs. Newman in a losing fight?

Billy makes a promise. But let’s find out if he can keep his promise — that’s what’s tricky.

Chelsea’s plans go sour. This, we hope, brings her one step closer the plot twist which would all but reboot the character.

Young & Restless spoilers week for October 10:

Y&R Restless Rant Hot topics: Phyllis & Nikki are a fire-breathing couple, Elena’s conscience could spell doom for Kay and Neil, Nick’s nastiness or Abby/Chance/Chelsea.

Young & Restless spoilers: Monday, 10/10/10

Tucker wants to reunite with Ashley. Mm-hmm. And we want one million dollars. We may have a greater chance of getting the things we want than that scoundrel who cheated Ashley with Diane, Harmony, and Harmony. She won’t buy anything you’re selling, buddy.

It is now! It is on! Our bet? It will transform them into the next Spoiler or Spoiler.

Billy chooses his future. He decides his professional life. Is it time for him to change his 112th position? — Or his one. Keep one finger free just in case the Lily gets some new bling.

They will always be in our hearts… Please join us as they tribute to the 2022 daytime vets by viewing a gallery highlighting their careers.

Young & Restless spoilers: Tuesday, 10/10/11

Tuesday’s recap reveals Tucker’s secret connection. Phyllis comes up with an idea for Ashley that will raise eyebrows, and Summer and Kyle plan a honeymoon!

Considering how dangerous he is, you would expect Victor to have been watching Tucker since the beginning. The Black Knight now investigates his nemesis and returns to his home.

Better late than never. Kyle is suspicious that Diane. Her whole plan of reintroducing herself to the outside world as a transformed woman could soon go sour.

So often the voice or reason of reason, that is, the voice that goes unsheathed, is heard. Ashley is suspicious about Nikki & Phyllis’s game plan.

Hunter King (ex–Summer) was given more than just a new role in her most recent movie: “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

Young & Restless spoilers Tuesday, October 12

Gambling big is the only way to win big. Lily convinces Devon that it is worth taking a risk in front of the boardroom. It could pay off.

Who will be there when Elena is pushed too far to the limit?

Aha. Chelsea doesn’t back down from Billy. The big decision he made earlier that week was about what role she will (or won’t) play in Johnny’s future. Maybe this is the storyline that we all have been hoping for since… Is it that long ago? ?

Melissa Claire Egan snaps a gorgeous picture from the family reunion on-screen that we can’t wait to see!

Young & Restless stars’ real life dating advice: Did you know someone said, “Just stand there and be mysterious… in your Speedo”? ?

Young & Restless spoilers: Thursday, 13 October

Adam wrecks Nick and Sally’s date.

Ashley has made Tucker a big promise. There isn’t enough salt. Will she be fool enough to believe he suddenly learned to keep his word?

This Sunday, the Hallmark Channel broadcasts its final Chesapeake Shores show. And we have your season 6 finale preview. New surprises abound, and Bree’s shock at Luke’s terrible announcement makes her cry.

Young & Restless spoilers: Friday, October 14, 2014

Jack gives Ashley Ashley the third degree in fear that Ashley will lose her sister’s intelligence. He may want to pursue the fourth degree with so much at stake. Is there any fourth degree?

This will probably go down as well as asking for free rental. Nate does ask Elena for a second chance.

We are skeptical that Nick will just accept “it is complicated” when he asks Sally about Adam’s feelings. Is “Nally,” about to break the news so early in their fledgling romance.

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