Xbox Series X Will Not Read Disc: A Guide To Resolve This Disc Issue

Xbox Series X Will Not Read Disc

Xbox Series X, the next-generation console, has issues with disc reading.

You may have already verified that the disc you’re trying to insert into your Xbox is safe. Now you might be wondering if it is your Xbox Series X that is damaged.

This issue could be a hardware issue. You want to feel confident that your Xbox Series X has been able to identify and run discs, so you can return to playing the games you love.

This guide will help you fix Xbox Series X Will Not Read Disc you are having with your Xbox Series X disk in just 6 steps.

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Can I Play Xbox One Disks on Series X?

Xbox Series X Will Not Read Disc

The Xbox Series X console can read Xbox one discs.

The next-gen console can play discs from Xbox One or Xbox 360, so you don’t need to throw away the games you bought when you first got your Xbox.

The X Series is capable of supporting gaming discs across all platforms. It also supports standard and Blu-Ray DVDs.

After inserting the disc into the console, it will automatically read it.

You may need the BluRay player app to play Blu-Ray discs.

The Xbox Series X media function supports Netflix and Youtube. You can also change between streaming and discs with the Xbox Series X media function.

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Why Can’t My Xbox Series X Will Not Read Disc?

Xbox Series X Will Not Read Disc

Your Xbox Series X may not be reading discs because of this.

  • The disc is damaged or dirty.
  • The firmware is not working properly
  • Reboot your console
  • The software used to manage the systems is out of date

How do I Fix Xbox X Series Disc Problem?

You can fix your Xbox Series X’s inability to read a disc with 6 simple fixes, just as if it were to display a black LCD on your console.

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Repair 1. Clean your disc

You must first make sure that the disc you’re trying to insert into your console has not been damaged. You will lose the ability to read your disc if it is damaged. This can be confirmed by putting the disc in another device.

Step 1. Step 1.

Step 2. Verify for damages. Scratches

Step 3. Wipe the disc with a clean microfibre towel

Now insert the disc in your Xbox to check if it recognizes it.

Do 2. Do a hard reset

Xbox Series X Will Not Read Disc

Step 1. Turn on your Xbox console off

Step 2. Unplug from its power supply

Step 3. Step 3.

Step 4. After your console has been turned back on, insert the disc

Your Xbox should be able to read the disc.

Fix 3.

You can switch your Xbox’s setting from instant-on to energy-saving mode to change it.

Step 1. Hit the power Button

Step 2 Select Profile and System’ in the guide

Step 3. Choose Settings’

Step 4. In Settings, select General and then Power Mode and Startup.

Step 5 Click on ‘Power Mode’

Step 6. Now, change this to Energy Saving

You have successfully updated your Xbox’s power mode and can now insert the disc.

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Fix 4. Reinsert your disc

It is possible that your Xbox may not recognize a disc if it has been turned off and then switched back on. Before turning your Xbox off, it is good to take out the disc.

Fix 5.

Online reports have confirmed that Xbox Series X owners have had their disc drives read by their consoles after changing their placement.

You can move your console vertically if it is not in a horizontal position.

Fix 6.

A glitch in your Series X operating systems may cause reading media and gaming discs problems.

Any files that the OS corrupts can be reset.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Next, select “All Settings” then “System.”

Step 3. Select Console Information and Updates’

Step 4. Choose Reset Console’ then > ‘Reset and Maintain My Games and Apps

The operating system has been reset.

You can also select “Reset and Remove All” to reset your Xbox to factory settings and remove any files or data that have been saved.

How can I Fix Xbox Series X Disc That Isn’t Readable?

You can fix scratches on your disc if you find it damaged.

Step 1. Gently Wash The disc with warm water, a little soap, and some detergent

Step 2. Dry the disc with a fluff-free cloth

Step 3. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the damaged disc.

Step 4 Rub the toothpaste on the scratches starting at the centre and ending at the edges.

Step 5 Take out the toothpaste and let it dry.

You can put it back in the console to see if the disc will be read.


Although things are rapidly becoming digital, it is important to still acquire gaming discs. This increases the chance of discs not being readable on their consoles.

We hope you found this guide helpful in getting your Xbox Series X to play your movie or gaming discs.

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