Xbox Series X Blinking: Here’s How to Fix It

Xbox Series X Blinking

Is Xbox Series X Blinking? Is the console not responding or intermittently not turning on? If this is causing you anxiety, there are a few things you can do to get your Series X working again.

Microsoft released Xbox Series X in November 2020. This new console is the successor to the Xbox One. The 1TB hard drive can store 60 frames per second and render 4K games. The new Xbox series X also supports a wide dynamic range.

However, some users have reported that the console will hang and show a blinking light. Users will need to unplug Xbox Series X again to fix the problem. However, this issue is not uncommon. Sometimes the console will not turn on.

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Why is my Xbox Series X Blinking or Still flashing?

Xbox Series X Blinking

The following could explain why your Xbox series X console’s light is blinking:

  • The console has a problem with its power supply, accessories, memory, or hard drive.

How can I Fix Xbox Series X Blinking?

If your console is blinking, you can try the following steps.

Verify that the console is receiving updates

The blinking light may indicate that your Xbox Series X is downloading updates.

The console may not shut down completely after an hour. You will need to hold down the power button for between 5-10 seconds to turn it off. To fix the blinking light, power it on and send the feedback to it.

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Do a force reboot

Sometimes, a quick force restart can fix the blinking light problem on Xbox Series X. This is how to do it:

  • Double-press the Xbox button. You will hear two beeps.
  • The blinking light will turn solid after a few seconds, and the console will automatically shut off after that.
  • Use the power button to turn off your console. Make sure you don’t see any blinking lights.
  • If the problem persists, connect the console’s power cord to another outlet and go through the same steps.

Let the console cool off.

Your Xbox Series X will heat up after hours of gaming and will blink red. Turn off your console andn turn it on agai to resolve the problemn. You may now see a message explaining why your console shut down.

Next, turn off the Xbox Series X and disconnect the power supply. Move the power supply and console to an open area that is well ventilated and allows them to cool down. After cooling down, plug the power supply into an electrical outlet. Turn the console on again.

Play for a few hours to confirm the fix. If you see the Xbox Series X blinking light, the power supply might need to be replaced.

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Make sure to check A/V cables and connectors.

Loose cables or connectors can cause Xbox console lights blinking. This is not a possibility.

  • Your Xbox Series X TV and Xbox Series X are off.
  • Next, disconnect the cables from the A/V ports on your console and the TV’s connectors.
  • Connect the cable to the console’s A/V port. Then, plug the A/V connectors into your TV.
  • Turn on the TV and console, and check if the light remains solid. If the light blinks, you can try a different type of A/V cable.

Reset Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Blinking

Many Xbox Series users have solved the blinking light problem by resetting their consoles. To start troubleshooting mode:

  1. Press the Xbox and eject button.
  2. Choose the “Factory Reset” or “Reset Xbox” option.
  3. Wait for the process to complete.

If your screen is visible, you can reset your Xbox Series X. To do this, press the Xbox button. Next navigate to Profile & System > Settings > System > Console Info. Next, click on the “Reset Console” option and confirm that the blinking light has been fixed.

Talk to an Xbox Series X Specialist

If the blinking light continues to appear on your Xbox Series X console despite all the above, you can speak with a console specialist immediately.

How can I fix the Xbox Series X controller light blinking problem?

The light on your Xbox Series X controller’s screen is blinking. There are many reasons for it. Here are the steps to fix it.

  • Make sure the controller is properly paired with the console. When pairing fails, the Xbox Series X controller light blinks a lot.
  • Connect your Xbox Series X controller to the micro USB cable, and check if that fixes the problem.
  • If the controller light blinks, remove the batteries from the controller and wait for 15 seconds. To check if the problem is solved, you can put the batteries back into the controller. Replace the low batteries with standard AA or Play & Charge kits and rechargeable batteries. A micro USB cable can be used to charge the batteries.
  • If the light blinks even after the controller has been paired and the batteries have fully charged, upgrade the controller’s firmware to fix the problem.


This guide should have helped you fix the blinking light of the Xbox Series X controller and console. If these steps fail to resolve the problem, a specialist will be able to help you fix it or to register your device with Microsoft. Submit a request to have your console repaired or serviced.

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