Xbox Series X Black Screen | How To Fix & Get Back To Gaming

Xbox Series X Black Screen

Is your Xbox Series X on, but there is no image?

You might ask yourself why my Xbox isn’t showing a picture and what can you do to fix it.

Your Xbox Series X is the most recent series of Xbox consoles, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see the Black screen after turning it on.

This easy-to-follow guide will help you get Xbox Series X Black Screen to display images again in just 6 steps.

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Why Does My Xbox Series X Black Screen?

Xbox Series X Black Screen | How To Fix & Get Back To Gaming

After a firmware upgrade, your Xbox Series X may experience a blank screen. You could have this problem because you’re one of the users who has chosen to participate in the program “Xbox Insiders”, which allows you to automatically receive the latest updates for your console.

The Xbox Series X might be showing a Black screen even though it has been turned on. This is because the startup process failed to check the system.

The operating system is validated during startup. If it fails to validate the operating system, the system will be notified, stopping the screen from running normally.

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There may be other reasons your Xbox Series X has a black screen.

  • Your console is overheated
  • Connectivity issues
  • Software failures
  • Problems with your power supply

How to Fix Xbox Series X Black Screen

Xbox Series X Black Screen | How To Fix & Get Back To Gaming

If your Xbox Series X console is experiencing an error in its system updates or needs to be restarted, it may need a system refresh.

Fix 1. Power Reset

Step 1. Turn on your Xbox Series X Off

Step 2. Disconnect All cables to the power supply

Step 3. Wait 2 – 3 minutes

Step 4. Connect all cables

Step 5 Start Your console again

You have completed a power reset.

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Fix 2.

Step 1. For around 15 seconds, press the Bind & Eject buttons together.

Step 2. After you hear the second tone, release the buttons

Step 3. Now you will see the troubleshooting screen. Select “Reset Xbox, But Keep Games and Apps”

Step 4. Now your Xbox will complete a Reinstallation

Please remember your login details before you complete the reset. You will need to fill them in once the reset is completed.

Logging back in is now possible.

Your console may not be experiencing an error if it displays a black screen. Sometimes, your screen may remain blank because the system check is not completed after you turn on your Xbox.

If your Xbox Series X Black screen has not been fixed, there are other ways to reboot it. Make sure your Xbox has no CD before you attempt this.

Fix 3. Reboot your console

Step 1. Press the Xbox button until you have disabled

Step 2. Step 2. Disconnect the plug and wait for a few minutes

Step 3. Connect your console to’s power source

Step 4. Choose the Xbox button and the Eject buttons

Step 5 Hold both buttons down until two beeps sound.

Now your console will be powered on.

This reboot will set your Xbox to a low-resolution resolution of 640×480. You can change the resolution by going into

System > Settings> Display and Sound > Video Output> Select Resolution

Fix 4.

This could indicate an issue with your HDMI cable or your TV’s port.

Step 1. Turn your console off

Step 2. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the current port

Step 3. Let it sit for a while, then plug it into a new port

Step 3. Return your Xbox to

If your screen remains blank, connect your console to another TV to check if the problem is with your TV port.

Fix 5.

You can avoid a blank TV screen by making sure your TV’s firmware has been updated to the most recent version. Before updating the firmware, ensure that your smart TV has internet access.

  1. Do an offline system upgrade

You can update your console’s software offline by using a USB device on your computer. Once it is complete, you can insert it into your Xbox.

Make sure you have at least 6 GB of storage available before downloading the software to your USB. Also, ensure that your USB format is NTFS.

Step 1. Download the OSU1 files onto your USB stick.

Step 2 Insert the USB stick into your computer

Step 3. Open the OSU1 File

Step 4. Right-click on the folder to open the System Update zip and choose copy

Step 5 Save This folder will be saved to your computer

Step 6 After the zip folder has been saved, right-click on it and select Extract all

Step 7. After the files have been extracted, copy the System Update file to the USB drive. Make sure this file is on the Flash Drive

Make sure that your Xbox is turned off

Step 8. Insert your USB drive into your Xbox

Step 9 Hold the bind button down and the Eject buttons at the exact moment.

Step 10 Hold these buttons down and click on the Power button once.

Step 11. Continue pressing these buttons until you hear two tones

Step 12 Next, select “Offline System Update”.

Now the update will begin. It will take a few minutes to complete.


We understand how crucial it is to have your gaming console working properly. IdeaThrift has additional articles for you if you have error codes 0x803f9006 and 8015000a. on an earlier Xbox console

This guide will help you fix the Xbox Series X black screen. We hope you don’t have to deal with the Black Screen of Death again.

We recommend that you call their customer service if you experience the blank screen multiple times, even if you have used this guide. Also, get your Xbox’s hard disk checked.

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