Work At A Pizza Place Mobile

Work At A Pizza Place Mobile

Pizza Place Mobile is a game on Roblox developed by Dued1 on the 19th November the 19th of November, 2015. It is played on Spectrum mobile devices like phones and tablets and is lighter and more compatible than the regular game Work at a Pizza Place.

It is running an earlier version because it hasn’t been up-to-date since July 14th of 2016. The saved data from Work at a Pizza Place doesn’t load.

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This is why there are many variations:

  • It uses the plastic texture instead of the brick-like texture found in the standard Version of Work at a Pizza Place making it appear similar to the version before 2014.
  • The Dump was in its earlier condition, and had approximately 4 items on auction daily.
  • The Paint Bucket costs 3000 Zlotys and you can paint specific areas of your house with 100 Dollars each.
  • The restaurant’s kitchen still uses the conveyor belt oven that was used for years.
  • The initial Mountain Dew logos (needs to be confirmed)
  • The Sell-item Island is still in existence.

If the cashier places an order successfully, it will show up on the screen. It will display either an empty bottle of Bloxly soda, sausage pizza, cheese pizza, or pepperoni pizza.

Successful orders from cashiers is essential for the job of the cook. Without orders, the cook will have nothing to do, while everybody else will only receive a small amount of cash.

There should be a ding doo sound, and the door should open. If you picked one that is not right, they will not comment on the delivery. If you picked the correct mailbox, the recipient will say, “I will eat this!”

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The building must be equipped with trucks, either inside or close by. In the interior, there ought to be a variety of vibrant buttons as well as a graph which displays the quantity of items available in the pizza restaurant. The items include boxes of sauce, dough cheese, sausage pepperoni, soda and other items.

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