Why Snapchat Deleted My Account

Why Snapchat Deleted My Account

Did your Snapchat application ask you for a username and password when you first launched it? Perhaps you were attacked with that user and username found warning. What if you did erase your Snapchat account? Perhaps Snapchat deleted your Account.

There’s a possibility that your Account was deleted when you’re experiencing difficulty accessing your Snapchat account. It could be that you deleted the Account accidentally, or perhaps the Snapchat team was responsible for it.

Quick Answer: Snapchat generally removes accounts that violate its Terms of Service. You signed up to adhere to Snapchat’s Terms of Service when creating your Account. Therefore, any violation could result in account deletion. The user isn’t likely to receive any notification of deletion from Snapchat when they violate the company’s TOS or the community’s guidelines.

Did you verify your phone and Email through Snapchat? If not, this might be one of the reasons Snapchat has deleted your Account.

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Why Snapchat Deleted My Account

Snapchat is undergoing a major cleaning up. Your Account might have been part of the clean-up. Let’s look into the reasons Snapchat has deleted your Account.

Can Snapchat remove an account?

Snapchat can indeed delete users’ accounts. It can do this in certain circumstances.

Social media platforms such as Snapchat frequently work hard to draw more users. This is why it’s a bit absurd when these platforms take down user accounts inexplicably.

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What caused Snapchat to delete my accounts?

Copyright infringement

Snapchat users must follow brand and Bitmoji guidelines that Snap Inc. and its other affiliates publish. Any violation of this policy or snap Inc.’s Intellectual Property Rights may ruin your Snapchat account.

Also, you must respect the rights of other users the rights to the intellectual property of other users.

Ownership of More than Two Accounts

Snapchat users are able to have the Account of only one person at one time. So, Snapchat could delete your profile because you were constantly moving between more than three Snapchat accounts on the same device.

It is possible to skip the requirements if you own multiple devices. In addition, it’s safer to keep more than one Account. It’s also recommended when you’re trying to separate your personal and professional activities.

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Uploading or sending Malicious Content to other users

It is against Snap Inc.’s conditions of service to upload or transmit to other users any link or content which contains viruses, malware, or any code that could compromise the security of Snap. Thus, Snapchat may have removed your Account because you posted or uploaded malicious or spammy content.

Modify Features or Services

Have you tried to connect to any content filtering service you’re not authorized for?

When you sign up for your Snapchat account, you have access to numerous Snap tools that will make your Snap experience awe-inspiring. But you cannot alter or use Snapchat tools in a manner that would block other users from using the features.

Linking of Your Account to unauthorized third-party Software or apps

Snapchat permits users to access third-party websites or tools available via Snap’s service. However, unapproved third-party tools, materials, or links can cause temporary locks or deletion.

Accessing your Account With Third-Party Software that is not authorized or approved

Did you have access to your Account through third-party Software or apps? Snap does not approve of accessing your Account through unauthorized applications or Software. You’d be temporarily locked from your Snapchat account if this happened for the first time you attempted to do it. If you’ve done it multiple times, it’s likely that Snapchat permanently erased your Account.


Surprised? Snap can delete accounts that are inactive, but only if the accounts are inactive for a prolonged period of time. Once you have deactivated or deleted an account on Snapchat, you are given just one month to reinstate it. After the expiration of 30 days, Snapchat will permanently delete your Account.

Your Account appears to be fake.

Did you, on any possibility, impersonate another? Impersonation is a breach of Snap’s TOS and could result in the deletion of your Account.

You don’t have an authenticated phone number or email linked to your Account.

Snapchat might have erased your Account if it operated it without verification of your email or phone number. Snapchat demands its users for verification of their accounts through either a number or email. Unverified accounts seem suspicious.

This means that Snapchat might have temporarily blocked your Account temporarily to allow you to verify your email address or phone number.

Automatic Engagement

Snapchat does not permit bots or other automated tools that are available on the platform. So, Snapchat might have deleted your Account due to the fact that you utilized bots to connect to Snapchat services or to interact on Snapchat with other users.

Infractions to Community Guidelines

Snapchat has guidelines for community members that govern the way users can share content and interact in a way with fellow users. Infractions to any of the rules of the community put you at risk of being removed.

Snapchat will remove your Snapchat account if you engage in any of these crimes.

Harass or harass Other Users

Did you try to reach someone who blocked you from Snapchat? Perhaps you shared pictures of your private conversations in a chat with another user. Maybe you shared photos from other users without their permission. Snapchat considers such actions to be bullying or harassment.

Post Content with sexually explicit content

Users are not permitted to share sexually suggestive and explicit material. You could lose your Account when you post explicit or sexually explicit content that involves children.

Create a climate of violence Through Your Post

There’s a possibility Snapchat was able to delete your Account if you were involved in, influenced or glorified any type of violence. It’s prohibited.

True Information Posted

It is not possible to share inaccurate or false information through Snapchat. You’ll lose your Snapchat account in the event that you post false information.

Utilized Your Account to promote Illegal Activities

Inspiring criminal behaviour or taking part in illegal activities is against Snap’s guidelines for community members. You could lose your Account if you assisted or helped promote the sales of illegal substances, firearms, tobacco, counterfeit goods, as well as alcohol. Snapchat also does not approve of making use of the platform to gamble.

Spread Hate

Snapchat users can’t denigrate or make a distinction against other users. It is possible that you have been denied access to your Snapchat account because you have interacted with or posted the content that lauds terrorists or extremist groups or acts of violence against certain individuals.

how to reset Snapchat Account Snapchat Account

There’s a good chance you won’t be able to recover your Account. Because Snapchat removed your Account, make contact with Snap’s customer service. Ask them to recover the Account. You can also utilize Snapchat Recovery apps to recover your Account. Snapchat Recovery app in order to recover your Snapchat account.

If the 30 days have expired, you’ll need to make a new account. Snapchat permanently erases accounts.

Closing Up

Snapchat removes inactive or rowdy accounts that are not active or rowdy. Infractions to Snapchat’s policies or guidelines for community members will result in the Account being deleted. Be cautious when communicating with your Snapchat friends Snapchat. It is possible to lose your data and even your Snapchat account.

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