Why Has My TikTok Been Banned: Here’s How To Get Your Account Back

My TikTok Been Banned

TikTok is a well-known video-sharing application that has grown in popularity in the past few years. People from all age groups now utilize the app, initially thought to be a tool for teens. Although the app isn’t without controversial issues, it is popular with many people.

But, some users are being banned, and often this is not correctly performed. If you’re wondering how My TikTok Been Banned, We have an explanation of the reason and ways to recover your account.

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What is Reason My TikTok Been Banned?

Why Has My TikTok Been Banned: Here's How To Get Your Account Back

If you’ve been barred from TikTok, it could be a bit frustrating, to be honest, if you’re not sure the reason for this and not sure why it could cause an even more frustrating experience. 

TikTok offers several grounds for denying its users access, which are:

  • The Community Guidelines are in violation, which includes unlawful content.
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Comments or spam messages
  • Follow-ups are high within a short period
  • Threats of blackmail
  • Sharing graphic content
  • You’re under 13

There were instances where TikTok removed accounts for no reason. TikTok warns that it is a human-made moderation error. If you do not recognize this issue early, you might not be able to the access you need to log in, even if it was done by mistake.

Different types of TikTok bans and what they signify

The length of your ban will determine the reason why your TikTok account was banned. There are three kinds of bans that can be imposed on TikTok that are listed below:

  • Temporary ban
  • Shadowban
  • Permanent ban

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A temporary ban was imposed on TikTok.

Why Has My TikTok Been Banned: Here's How To Get Your Account Back

Temporary bans are generally issued if TikTok limits the account. It is typically done when an account is deemed infringing on the platform. It is typically done by uploading too many videos or following a huge number of users in a few minutes.


If you’re in the shadowban category, you’ll be able to upload your content, but TikTok can limit the content users can view. TikTok will stop this from appearing in any algorithm for your videos or other content. Additionally, TikTok removes your posts from the hashtags that you use.

Shadowbans typically last for 14 days. You can continue to upload normally; however, you’ll see fewer visitors.

If you’re unsure if there was a shadowban placed onto your accounts, go to your statistics on the “for you” page, and if you observe large drop-ins in your views, it’s an indication. Another method to determine whether you’ve been banned shadowbanned is to check the hashtags that you post to see if the post is displayed, and if it does not, it is shadowban.

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Permanent ban

Why Has My TikTok Been Banned: Here's How To Get Your Account Back

If you’re a frequent violation of the rules on TikTok or you’re frequently accused of a violation, that could lead to being banned permanently. It’s simple to determine why the popular social media site has banned you by opening your TikTok profile; you’ll see an alert that reads, “Your account was banned permanently because of multiple violations of our guidelines for community members.’

If this is your situation might have a harder time defending an appeal, but If you believe that you didn’t do anything wrong or were banned due to an error, Here’s how you can get back access to the TikTok account.

How do I regain access to the banned TikTok?

If you are trying to find a way around the ban, there are a few options that you can attempt to bring your account back to normal. While these techniques aren’t perfect, they can help you get your account back.

Do not wait for the ban to be lifted.

If you are only facing an indefinite ban, the most effective and efficient method to resolve it is to sit and wait for it to be removed, which isn’t the best option. You can, however, appeal a shadowban. However, it’s unclear how many cases were thrown out in this manner. Be aware should you go on indefinitely without filing a claim, TikTok will no longer examine your appeal.

How to file an appeal

Getting your account removed from the ban can be difficult but is worth it if you believe that your account was not banned correctly. The process of appealing is simple when you are aware of the procedure. So, here’s how to appeal in four simple steps.

  1. Start TikTok, and you will receive a message advising that you’re blocked.
  2. Tap the notification, then tap appeal, and you’ll be directed to the appeals webpage.
  3. Please provide a reason you believe your account was removed in error, e.g., you’ve followed the guidelines for the community.
  4. After that, you can submit the claim. Unfortunately, there could be an amount of time to wait until your account is reinstated.

Has my TikTok been deleted?

TikTok will delete your account if you are frequently breaking the community’s guidelines, which are set by the majority of social media. A different reason TikTok users have their accounts deleted is when they joined TikTok while they were younger than 13 years old. The minimum age is 13 years old to get an account. TikTok removed 7.5 million accounts of users under 13 within the first three months of 2021.

If you violate any TikTok rules regarding advertising, you could be immediately removed from the site and your account. Typically, TikTok will reject a video posted when it does not conform to their guidelines.

How can I retrieve the account that I deleted?

If you decide to proceed and remove your TikTok but then change how you feel about it, you could be able to have it back. After a certain period of time, your account will be removed permanently. If you’re TikTok is in the deactivation stage. If you’re not certain how to restore your account that was deleted, This guide will help you get access back to your account without difficulty:

  1. Launch the TikTok application, then click the icon ‘Me’ from the right-hand side of the app.
  2. Click the “sign up” option in the middle of the screen.
  3. Then, tap Log into the lower right-hand corner.
  4. Use your username or phone/email, depending on the way you signed up.
  5. Choose email or username in the upper-right the corner
  6. Log in with your TikTok account username and password you have previously used to access the service.
  7. Press the Login button
  8. After that, you’ll receive a notification that says, “Your TikTok Account is disabled.’
  9. Finally, click cancel the deactivation process and get your account.

If you decide to take an interruption from TikTok the app, deleting it is an excellent option since it means that you will not be in a position to use it as frequently.


If you are following the rules and guidelines of the community established by TikTok and you don’t encounter any issues in your account. It is, however, worth noting that errors may occur from the side of TikTok. If you think your account was banned permanently due to an error, we recommend taking easy steps to contest the decision.

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