Why Is My Zelle Payment Pending | 2 Easy Fix

Zelle Payment Pending

Made a payment on Zelle but your Zelle payments say pending? This is not so uncommon. If you have this question: ”why is Zelle payment pending on my account?”, then we will give you the reasons and possible solutions for this right here. 

Zelle has become a popular platform for making online transactions right through your mobile phone. The majority of people now prefer using online platforms for sending and receiving money and Zelle is one among them.

 However, there are instances when Zelle users get tired of Zelle showing that their Zelle payment is still pending. Are you also going through the same trouble that is not allowing you to make payments to someone on Zelle?

Why is my Zelle payment taking so long? If you are unable to understand why your Zelle account shows your Zelle payment pending, then allow us to get you some help by providing the reasons that can be possible behind this so you can check for yourself and rectify them.

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Why Is My Zelle Payment Pending?

Zelle Payment Pending

There will be some cases when you made a transaction on Zelle, but the message prompted saying that Your Zelle Payment Is Pending. Here are the reasons that can be behind this notification on your Zelle. 

1. The first reason could be that you are sending money to someone on Zelle who is presently not on the platform, which means they do not have a Zelle account yet. If so is the case, you will not be able to send the amount to that person, and your payment will show pending status. 

2. If the Zelle account where you are sending the money has been blocked by Zelle, you will not be able to complete the transaction process with that user. Any Zelle user can be blocked on the platform if the account has been reported by certain users in the past. 

3. Sometimes, you just simply do not have an active internet connection and due to slow internet, the payment on Zelle gets delayed. 

How To Fix If My Zelle Payment Is Pending?

Zelle Payment Pending

If you have made a transaction with a person who is currently not enrolled on Zelle and your payment is showing pending on Zelle, you can simply ask that person to register themselves on the platform. As soon as they sign up for the Zelle account, the sent money will be transferred to their Zelle account. 

You can make sure that you have a strong internet connection in case your transaction on Zelle is still pending. As soon as your internet is working properly, the money will be received by the recipient. 

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How To Cancel My Pending Zelle Payment?

Well, there is no way you can cancel your Zelle payment. As soon as you initiate your transaction process on Zelle, the app links to the respective bank account and you cannot reverse this or get your money back by yourself. You can only request the recipient to return the amount that has been transferred to them mistakenly

However, if your payment on Zelle is still pending, you can try to cancel it and for this, you will need to follow the steps that have been mentioned underneath. 

  1. Log in to your Zelle account on your device. 
  2. Go to the “Activity” tab.
  3. Here you will see the “Stop Payment” option. Tap on it. 
  4. Now, tap on the button that says “Cancel payment”.

As soon as the pending Zelle payment is canceled, you will receive a text message from Zelle informing you that the transaction was canceled. 

There is no cancelation fee charged to Zelle users if they cancel a pending Zelle transaction.

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Why Is My Zelle Payment Failed?

Sometimes, your Zelle payment doesn’t go pending but is entirely failed. Why so? The most common reason behind this can be that the amount available in your Zelle account was not sufficient enough to make that transaction. If it is so, then your Zelle payment will be failed. 

Another reason can be that the internet speed of your device was too slow to complete the transaction process. 

If you do not have an active Zelle card while you are making a transaction on Zelle, then also your payment on Zelle will be declined. 

The last possible reason is that you did not enter the correct credentials for your account. Make sure that you enter all the information correctly before you make any transactions on Zelle. 

Why Is My Zelle Account Suspended?

Why would your Zelle account get suspended? There would be a valid reason that Zelle took this action. Here are the reasons that could be the cause of the suspension of your Zelle account. 

  1. If you are using your Zelle account in any way that shows signs that you are trying to bring reputational harm to the account or damage to the brand or any kind of liability to the platform, then your account on Zelle may get suspended. 
  2. Since, Zelle is a platform designed only for your usage, if you use this platform for business or commercial purposes and Zelle finds that out, then also your Zelle account will be suspended. 
  3. If you are requested by Zelle to provide additional information and you fail to provide that information every time then Zelle will have to take the action of suspending your Zelle account. 
  4. If Zelle is suspicious of any kind of fraudulent activities or infringement on security on your Zelle account, then it may suspend your account for safety purposes. 

How To Deactivate Zelle?

If you are registered on Zelle with your bank account linked to it and want to deactivate your Zelle account, then you will have to contact the customer support team of Zelle and request them to deactivate your Zelle account. 

Wrap Up

Now you are aware of all the reasons why your Zelle payments might be pending. Share this with your friends who use Zelle if they also sometimes find trouble making transactions on time. Tell us in the comments if there is any other issue you are facing with your Zelle account. 

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