Why is My TikTok Not Getting Views? Find Views with this How-to!

My TikTok Not Getting Views

Are you thinking, “why is My TikTok Not Getting Views?” Have you attempted to figure out the cause of it but failed? Don’t fret too much. This article will demonstrate how to resolve this problem.

The TikTok app allows you to create and share videos. Millions of TikTok users can view your videos on smartphones or the internet. In addition, you can see videos shared on behalf of other TikTok users and then share the videos.

However, many users complained that their posts do not receive any views on TikTok. We’ll examine this issue and offer several other suggestions that will assist you in getting started on your TikTok journey.

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Why My TikTok Not Getting Views?

My TikTok Not Getting Views

After creating a fun video on TikTok, you’d like to share it and post it with others to be grateful for your efforts. It can be annoying if there are no comments on the video.

Many of you have seen this happen to you several times. You have put the effort and heart into creating videos, and then you get no progress or views to it. So, we’d like to show you various methods to make your videos go from having nothing to satisfaction. So, let’s get going with it.

There are many reasons that your TikTok videos don’t get views. It could be because your previous videos didn’t make enough attention, or you are doing something that’s not acceptable to TikTok platform.

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Distinguish Good Videos From Bad Ones

My TikTok Not Getting Views

Have you seen how many people are watching videos from beginning to finish? There must be something happening with the video that keeps viewers interested until the very end. This means that you need to create a video that shows something thrilling at the End or can satisfy the viewers’ needs at the very last moment.

To achieve this, you need to create a narrative with your video in a looped format that begins and ends simultaneously. In this way, you can have a single person watch your film several times, from beginning to end, and have a completion rate of 200. The most important aspects of this method are:

  • Make well-thought-of and interesting videos.
  • Make videos less than 15 seconds and with a thrilling end so that viewers like to revisit them
  • Watch viral videos and incorporate the essential elements of your videos.
  • TikTok will not show these videos to other users with lower competition rates.

Make Videos That Mean Something

My TikTok Not Getting Views

Each of the videos you post on TikTok must be valuable to those who view it. The most effective method is to create the TikTok video and then let it rest upon your TikTok draft. Return later and determine what can be done to give additional value by viewing the video several times from the viewer’s viewpoint.

If, for instance, you’re in a good mood and create funny videos, however, you might not think it’s funny the next time around. Your feelings are the best indicator of your talent.

So, it’s an excellent idea to go back over your videos and alter the Content accordingly before sharing them with the live TikTok viewers.

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How Do I Get More Views On TikTok?

My TikTok Not Getting Views

Video Engagement

TikTok will show your videos to more viewers when they engage with them via comments, likes, or follows. You can, for instance, intentionally make spelling mistakes so that others can be a bit sarcastic and then comment on your mistakes.

Use TikTok As A Genuine User

If you start an account for the first time on a TikTok account and upload the video immediately, the chances of getting views are very low. After you’ve created an account on the TikTok account, go through some videos posted by other users and interact with them other users. Additionally, add something that is interesting to your TikTok bio.

This way, it makes the TikTok platform sees your account like a real account, not an untrue one. So, you’ll be able to enjoy a high level of audience and viewers after you upload the first time.

Pick The Best Niche

If you sign up for a brand new TikTok account when you sign up, the TikTok platform lets you select your preferred niche from different categories. However, this does not mean that if a video is doing very well, it will occur to the other video in a different niche.

TikTok evaluates your video against other Content in the same category. So, changing your niche every day could adversely affect your viewers. It’s quite easy, and that is to utilize only one area of interest with a single TikTok account.

Your Initial Videos Matter

Let’s suppose you’d like to test TikTok by creating the initial couple of videos containing substandard Content. You may be thinking it will not affect your viewers for the next videos. But, TikTok judges your upcoming videos on the quality of your first videos. If your first videos don’t perform as well, TikTok will also limit your impressions of future videos.

If you’ve already made this error, it’s best to remove your TikTok application, sign up for new accounts, and begin posting high-quality video content.

However, if your phone’s IMEI number is saved on TikTok, you can use a different phone to set up an entirely brand new TikTok account.

It’s All About Content

TikTok won’t show impressions of your videos if it is believed that your Content contains profanity or nudity, or political views. TikTok would like its users to share and share useful and unique content that is useful and engaging for its users.

Are You Using A VPN?

If you’d like your content to be viewed in a different country, it’s difficult to achieve this with your IP address in the local area. If that’s the situation, use a VPN to make sure your content is targeted to viewers in the targeted country.


I hope this article has answered some of your concerns about your TikTok videos with zero or very few views. You can get lots of views when you create a new account. So, you must make it count by starting with high-quality content rather than uploading videos without the artistic element. Good Luck!

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