Why .io is the Cool New Domain  

.io is the Cool New Domain 

In this day and age, the web domain is regarded with the same status as you wear to work or the school your children attend. Top-Level Domains (TLDs) are the top level of the hierarchy of domain names.

They are organized into three major categories, which are: Country code top-level (ccTLD) and generic top-level (gTLD), and top-level infrastructure (.arpa).

The generic TLDs comprise .com, .net, .org, .int, .edu, .gov, .mil and more recently .info. There are the 255 Country Code Top Level Domains that all have two letters, e.g .uk, .ge, .be, .us, the list continues. Then some are infrastructure-related TLDs (.arpa) which was the initial Internet top-level domain.

It was planned to be utilized only for a short period helping in the transition from conventional ARPANET hosts to Domain Name systems. But, following an investigation, it was insufficient to end the service, then .io is the Cool New Domain introduced.

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.io is the Cool New Domain

The Q1 2017 end reported 330.6 million TLDs in use, which had grown by 1.3 million during the initial three months of the quarter. Nearly 50% of 330.6 million names that are registered are .com, which is why it’s no surprise that company names and abbreviations are now rare unless you’ve got the money to spend.

Then, in July 2014, mm.com was bought by a buyer for US$1.2 Million. Most of us do not own a million dollars worth of disposable income. Even if we did, there are likely better business choices to consider.

.io is the cool new domain used for British Indian Ocean Territory; however, it has been associated in the realm of technology gaming as well as startup companies in recent years. The reason behind this is that in computer science, “IO” is used primarily as an abbreviation of input/output. There are additional benefits worth considering.

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  1. Accessibility – io extensions have more accessibility than traditional domain names The chances of you having your first choice registered are much higher with a less high price currently!
  2. They’re an ideal opportunity for hacking domains. For instance, Rub.io is a shortened URL utilized during the US election campaign for president Marco Rubio.
  3. IO domains are easily recognized and accepted by both the startup and tech communities. Using a .io domain is an effective way to establish your company or yourself as a part of the tech world.
  4. Google considers .IO as a gTLD; therefore, you will not be a victim of geo-targeting despite being a ccTLD. In contrast to other ccTLDs, Google recognizes that .io is utilized by a broader group of users that isn’t limited to British Indian Ocean Territory. Therefore they consider it to be a generic domain.
  5. Two-character domains mean shorter URLs. For example .io is a two-character domain. This makes it a much shorter choice over many other extensions available. The more simple web users to type your URL into an email address or browser, the more unique and memorable it will be.

It’s hard enough to make profits in these times, particularly in the case of a business in the realm of financial services; however, if we can maintain our costs at a minimum and our brand recognition high, then we’ve got the head ahead.

Fintech is a hot field, and it’s not good enough to be just an awesome product. Your brand image, image and your external communication must be beautiful too.

One of the very first .io domains that were registered with a goal beyond geographical identification was Levi Strauss in 1998. I’m sure it doesn’t be long before it reminds you of the iconic Levi advertisements for launderettes.

Levi’s has always pushed the boundaries of its marketing, and I believe we can all agree that they’ve had a huge success. Levi’s certainly are sexy, and should we be if they think you think that a .io domain could make us look as stylish as them, and you’re interested, then sign us up today!

Indeed, the COM namespace is saturated where it’s very difficult to get a valid domain name, particularly for new companies and startups.

Large, established businesses can afford the ideal .COM domain to use as a marketplace or a domain broker.

On the other hand .IO is an acronym for Input/Output. I’d add that it’s a great option for knowledge or communications exchange sites and the ones you have mentioned.

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