Why I Ban From TikTok Live? How to Lift Ban

Why I Ban From TikTok Live?

Why I Ban From TikTok Live? You may have violated their guidelines if Tiktok banned you from live broadcasting.

Tiktok has strict regulations when it comes time to go live on the app. This can sometimes lead Tiktok to ban creators without apparent reason if they are misinformed or the algorithm has gone wrong.

You should be over 16 years old and have at least 1000 followers to allow you to live your life without interference.

It is essential to be able to broadcast as a creator. This is how you interact with your followers and receive gifts. We have created this guide to help you get your Tiktok banned as quickly as possible.

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Is It Possible To Get TikTok Ban Live?

Why I Ban From TikTok Live? How to Lift Ban

You may have been blocked from streaming live for several reasons.

Reason 1. You streamed live without the minimum age and contained content inappropriate for children.

Reason 2 There was a threat in your broadcasts (e.g., illegal substances).

Reason 3. You discussed arguable topics which could cause animosity among viewers.

Reason 4. Plagiarized content.

Reason 5. Excessive profanity in a live stream.

These are just a few reasons why you were banned. It all depends on what you included in your live video.

Numerous creators have reported that they were banned without any reason. This could be due to;

  • A viewer complained about your broadcast for violating the guidelines.
  • Staff at Tiktok have moderated incorrectly.
  • Your live stream was interrupted by a young child.
  • TikTok incorrectly flagged your content.

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Are Tiktok’s Bans Temporary or Permanent?

You can face two types of bans when you create live content on Tiktok. You can choose which ban you were given to determine how you can remove yourself from Tiktok Live.

Temporary ban

What length of time does a temporary ban on Tiktok last?

The ban is not indefinite. Your ban can last from one to two weeks.

Your app will display a Livestream Restrictions section confirming how many days you have been blocked.

You can resume normal activities once your temporary ban is lifted.

Permanent ban

What is the duration of a permanent ban on Tiktok’s activities?

You will be permanently banned if you appeal the ban.

“Livestream Restrictions” will contain “Permanently prohibited from live streaming.”

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Why I Ban From TikTok Live? How Do I Retrieve Tiktok That Was Banned?

Why I Ban From TikTok Live? How to Lift Ban

Temporarily banned

  • You can still wait for the temporary ban to end after the specified period.
  • Email Tiktok
  • Send a feedback form.
  • Send an app report to alert the team that there is a problem.

You have been permanently expelled

  • Send an email
  • You can send a feedback form
  • Report an issue using the app

Remember that if you contact Titkok, you will need to make your case and provide as much information as possible.

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Tiktok email addresses:

It is good to email the info and legal addresses before you move on to the other email addresses.

To submit your feedback, you can use the link.

Tiktok app allows you to report a problem.

Step 1. Open the Tiktok App

Step 2 Click on the “Profile” option, then click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top.

Step 3. Click on Support to report a problem

Step 4. Find ‘LIVE’ under ‘Topics’

Step 5 Below Click on ‘LIVE is suspended’

Step 6 After this has loaded, select “No” and then “Need more help?”

Step 7. Now Explain in detail your ban issue, then click on Report.

Once you submit your case to have your account unbanned, it may take several days or weeks, depending on how many cases Tiktok receives each day.

What Shadowbanning is Tiktok?

Why I Ban From TikTok Live? How to Lift Ban

When a creator is ‘Shadowbanned on Tiktok’, their content won’t appear on the For You’ page of Tiktok, and your views will drop dramatically.

There are reasons your account is being shadowbanned.

Reason 1.

Tiktok may consider you spam if you follow many accounts on Tiktok within a short time frame to gain more followers. Any content that is not original may be blocked from Tiktok’s main pages.

Reason 2. You are posting ill-suited material

The tattoo may not allow you to post videos or live broadcasts against company guidelines. If your content attracts negative feedback, Tiktok will reduce the visibility of your content.

How long does shadowbanning take on Tiktok?

Shadowbanning on Tiktok can be temporary and lasts no more than two weeks.

However, it is important to remove any content that you feel may be inappropriate. If you try to follow many creators per day, you should reduce this, so you don’t come off as spam.


Tiktok content creators are using Tiktok full-time. It is crucial that they can live broadcast. This is how creators receive gifts from viewers, which they can then turn into funds.

Tiktok is accessible worldwide, and users are all of the different ages, so it’s not surprising that Tiktok will have serious rules and regulations.

We hope you found this guide helpful in understanding why your account was suspended from Tiktok Live.

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