Why Can’t I Open My Chime Account | Why Would Chime Deny Me?

Can't I Open My Chime Account

Do you want to switch to online banking via Chime but are unable to open your Chime account? “Why can’t I open my Chime account?”, if you have the same or any other question related to Chime, then you will get the reasons as well as the solutions to this right here. 

Chime is a platform that is getting rapidly popular among online banking applications and has already crossed 13 million in terms of the number of users it has. A lot of banks have their partnership with Chime and hence can be linked with the app to make transactions directly from your smartphones. 

The Chime application is completely secure to use and if you are using a Chime account it gets insured your money for up to $250000. The best part is that Chime users are not charged any kind of fees, be it monthly, annual, or overdraft fees. Even after these many benefits, some users find difficulty operating their Chime account. 

If you are also confused about “Why Can’t I Open My Chime Account?” then let us get you answers to all your questions related to Chime. 

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Why Can’t I Open My Chime Account? Why Chime Won’t Let Me Open An Account?

Why Can't I Open My Chime Account

There may be chances that when you applied for a Chime bank account, you wouldn’t be approved. But why would Chime deny you? Well, there could be a few possible reasons behind this and you can check and rectify it for yourself. 

Incorrect Personal Information Entered In Chime Application

If the personal information that you added in your application for the Chime account has any kind of mistake, then your application will go unapproved by Chime. You can recheck your application and make the necessary amendments to it and then again apply to open your Chime account. 

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Not Falling Under The Eligibility Criteria For Chime Account

If you are not a US citizen, or if you are a minor, then, sorry to say, you cannot open a Chime account by any possible means. Also, there can be verification failure from some third party that will not allow you to open your Chime account and you can do nothing about this. 

Fake Social Security Number Entered In Chime Application

Can't I Open My Chime Account

If you have faked your SSN(Social Security Number) in your application for the Chime account, or even entered the wrong SSN by mistake, your application will be disapproved and you cannot move further with the procedure of opening your Chime account. 

Also, Chime will not allow you to create an account on the platform if you are found generating a Social Security Number with the help of a third-party website. 

Remember that trying to go by such means can get you banned by Chime. 

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Have An Existing Chime Account Already

If you are already registered on Chime and are trying to open another Chime account using the personal information that is already present in an existing Chime account, then you will not be allowed by Chime to open a second account. You can link only one Chime account to a bank account and phone number. 

Who Can Open A Chime Account?

Can't I Open My Chime Account

If you are not aware of what users are allowed to have an account on Chime, then here are the criteria. 

  1. You need to be above the age of 18, minors are not allowed to have an account on Chime. 
  2. You must be a US citizen as the Chime app is currently accessible in the US only. 
  3. You must not be having another Chime account registered through your name, phone number, and bank account. If you already have one, you will first need to close it and then you can open a new account on Chime. 

How To Open An Account With Chime?

If you fall under the eligibility criteria for owning a Chime account, then you can go further with opening your Chime account by following the steps mentioned below. 

  1. First, you need to apply for the Chime Spending account by sharing your personal information with Chime, which includes your first and last name, your SSN(Social Security Number), and your Email and a password that you choose. 
  2. Once Chime verifies your identity and approves your application, download the Chime app on your device. 
  3. Sign up for the Chime spending account alongside the Chime Savings account. 

Now you have a Chime account of your own that you can use to deposit your money, you can make transactions through your Chime account and check your bank balance too. You also get a free Visa debit card once you have your Chime spending account. 

How to Fix If I Can’t Get Into My Chime Account?

Are you unable to get into your Chime account? If that is the case, try re-installing the Chime app to your device and sign in to your Chime account by entering the correct login information. 

If you still are unable to have access to your Chime account, then we suggest you contact Chime’s customer support team and they will look into the matter and get you the solution

Wrap Up

Now, if you can’t open your Chime account, you know all the reasons possible behind this and the possible solutions as well. Share this with your friends and if you still have any confusion with your Chime account, you can tell us in the comments section below. 

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