Why Are Your Instagram Messages Black? How to Fix the Annoying Problem

Instagram Messages Black

In the wake of Instagram’s recent upgrade, social media users around the world are experiencing some frustrating changes that include the inability to apply filters to their Instagram story, resulting in an “unable to use effect” error message, and at the time of writing this, early Thursday morning, the app has been blacked-out Instagram directly messages.

The iPhone as well as Android users are battling the social media problem and users have shared images of the issue on Twitter and Instagram, showing messages that were completely and partially blacked out in Instagram. Instagram application.

I was having issues with my Instagram Messages were showing as black boxes surrounding them or completely blacked out . I came here and it’s sorta of a relief to know that I’m not the only one experiencing this Please let me know if anyone else has an answer.


What is the reason why Instagram Messages Black?

Why Are Your Instagram Messages Black? How to Fix the Annoying Problem

While Instagram isn’t yet to fix the global message blackout, it’s clear that it is the platform that’s suffering from the issue, since reports of the frustrating glitch don’t just pertain to certain mobile phones or carriers.

Most likely, it’s the latest update, and the often large amount of users who use the app may also be the cause that’s the reason many of the largest social media websites, such as Twitter also have gone to the bottom in past.

Naturally people users took to Twitter to voice their frustration and warn other users to be aware that updating their app may make the Instagram messages black, and in some instances, post their unsuccessful attempts to fix the issue.

One person inquired if other’ messages appeared “weird.”

Another person told them that updating their application could expose them for black messages.

Another user reported that restarting his device and forcing the app to quit did not fix the problem.

My Instagram messages aren’t working. I don’t know what’s wrong. I tried restarting the phone. Force to quit the app. I get black bubbles instead of responses. iOS. @instagram pic.twitter.com/ORjfaeqcQh

— Sheepchase

How do you repair the black Instagram messages on Instagram?

Why Are Your Instagram Messages Black? How to Fix the Annoying Problem

However, there’s an option to black messages on Instagram direct messages. It’s an easy fix simply by switching the settings of your phone into dark-mode.

For the iPhone go through “Settings,” select “Display & Brightness” and click “Dark.”

Changes in the color of chat make chat messages visible once more, which fixes the issue until Instagram develops an alternative that is more durable.

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