Who plays Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk Cargyll in House of the Dragon?

Who plays Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk Cargyll in House of the Dragon?

Here’s what you should know about Erryk Cargyll (the twin brothers who are trying to track down Aegon in King’s Landing of House of the Dragon Episode 9).

The 9th episode of House of the Dragon is immediately following the previous installment. King Viserys I (Paddy Considine), who suffered from leprosy, has finally succumbed after suffering tremendous pain. He was reunited with his family at the Red Keep.

As you might expect, the grief following is second to the feeling of opportunity. Otto, Alicent, along with a small council, fulfilled Viserys supposed wish by usurping Aegon II.

But there’s a problem. Aegon isn’t available so Otto asks Erryk or Arryk for help to find him and bring him home.

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House of the Dragon: Who Are Erryk And Arryk Cargylls?

Arryk Cargyll is a twin brother to Erryk Cargyll. Both served as knights and were members of the Kingsguard under King Viserys I.

Luke Tittensor plays Erryk and Elliott Tittensor is Arryk. Both have appeared in four episodes of House of the Dragon to date.

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House of the Dragon – Erryk Cargyll, Arryk Cargyll compare to the book

George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood sees the brothers unhorsed at Viserys’ tourney by Criston Cole. After Harwin Strength’s death, 120 AC saw Viseys make Erryk the sworn guard of Rhaenyra.

We saw the twins team up to find Aegon in the episode. Criston and Aemond engaged the twins in a swordfight. Erryk stood by the top of the stairs, while Criston took to the stairs on his own.

Episode 9 concludes with Erryk trying help Rhaenys escape King’s Landing, just before Aegon’s coronation. She’s likely to be killed for refusing the knee. We don’t see Erryk during the ceremony but this is in line with his book trajectory. Erryk support Rhaenyra with the blacks and Arryk with the greens.

Their contributions to the Dance of the Dragons don’t seem significant so we won’t go into more detail until the episode airs onscreen – maybe in the Season 1 finale next Thursday.

House of the Dragon Episode 10, the Season 1 Finale, will be available on October 23rd and 24th in the UK.

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