Who plays Paula in the Dark? What is the age of Paula in the Dark?

Who plays Paula in the Dark? What is the age of Paula in the Dark?

Who plays Paula in the Dark is a subject that many are trying to find. Numerous characters such as Paula and others are played different people In The Dark, so those who want to learn more about Who Plays Paula In The Dark series are able to check out the following article.

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Who plays Paula To The Dark?

Paula plays a role on the American crime drama TV series, In The Dark. There have been many actors who have played characters in the past. This is why people may be confused as to who is actually acting as the Paula character from The Dark. This is the place to find out! Well, as per lgbtqia-characters.fandom.com Natalie Liconti plays the role of Paula In The Dark.

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What is the age of Paula To The Dark?

Paula in the Dark Paula In The Dark is one of the characters that has the highest beloved character of the public. In the past, many actors have played the role of Paula. There are many searches about how many years old was Paula In The Dark, however, there isn’t any details on Paula old age in In The Dark. Keep up-to-date for the current information.

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In The Dark

The In the Dark on CW In the Dark is an American crime drama television program that premiered at the beginning of the 2018-19 TV season. The show was developed by Corinne Kingsbury. The CW offered it a pilot request on January 30th, 2018, as well as Michael Showalter was tapped to the show’s helm. The show was granted the series premiere in May 2018. 

On April 4 of 2019, the show premiered. The show was granted the opportunity to renew its second season in April 2019 and will air on April 16 2020. The CW renews the show to the third season beginning in the month of January and it will premiere on June 23rd 2021. The show was granted an extension for the fourth season in February 2021 and it premiered on June 6 in 2022. It was announced in the announcement that the season four would premiere beginning in the month of May, 2022.

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