Who Killed Laenor In The House Of Dragon

Who Killed Laenor In The House Of Dragon

THE DRAGON tends to end each episode with an important character being killed. Episode 5 was about Laenor Varyon’s secret boyfriend Joffrey. Episode 6, however, was about Laenor’s sister Laena. So what happened to Episode 7? House of the Dragon’s newest episode had a different twist than you might think. Let’s jump in.


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HOUSE of the Dragon Episode 7 EXPLAINED

Rhaenyra Targaryen is in an altercation with her evil stepmother, Queen Alicent. This ends in a fight that results in Rhaenyra making a controversial decision. She visits her uncle Daemon to demand her marriage to him. This is both to cement her claim to power and to show her affection for her father’s brother.

Daemon is in agreement, but he points out that his niece is already married. Because divorce isn’t an option in Westeros, Rhaenyra’s man must leave this mortal coil. So they devised a plan that involved bribing Laenor’s current “secret boyfriend”, Ser Qarl Correy in order to kill their own lover.

Qarl (Arty Foroushan) in House of the Dragon.HBO

A series of events is intertwined with the Targaryen/Targaryen marriage. We see Daemon bribe Qarl then sneak into Velaryon castle in Driftmark, where it becomes incapacitating for a guard. Qarl arrives at the castle shouting about Laenor’s disrespect and then swings his sword.

Laenor’s Squire runs to help, but by that time, everyone is exhausted and find Laenor dead in front of a burning fireplace. Although he’s completely smashed, his clothes and jewelry indicate that this is Laenor.

The final shot shows Qarl rowing in a small boat. He’s joined here by a hooded man who turns out to be Laenor, still living but with a shaved face.

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This is the easy answer. Daemon and Rhaenyra wanted to create an environment where Qarl, Laenor, and Laenor would be alone. But someone else knew that they were fighting. To hide its true identity, they took another poor soul’s body and made it look like Laenor.

Laenor had to simply cut his Velaryon hair to get to the boat. Then they were on their way. Daemon has suggested that the couple will head to Essos because homosexual relationships are more acceptable than in the conservative Westeros.

The intercut scenes of Rhaenyra marrying Daemon show clearly that the plan worked. But, it remains to see if Laenor will return and ruin everything.


HBO: Laenor goes to Essos.

House of the Dragon has a tendency to stray from George R.R. Martin’s books. Martin’s books. It seems that everyone accepts that Qarl did this because he was jealous of Laenor’s decision to leave him for a younger man. It is also suggested that Daemon orchestrated the entire affair in the book. It’s possible that HBO has more plans for Laenor. Or maybe HBO wanted to give him an easier ending after the tragic death of his sister.

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