Who is Rock Lee’s Wife?

Who is Rock Lee's Wife?

Rock Lee, is one of Naruto’s close friends in the Naruto anime series. These characters, along with his Shinobi friends, supposedly shaped Naruto’s journey to becoming a Hokage. Boruto’s children are now running the show, along with their parents, as all of these characters.

Who is Rock Lee’s Wife? However, even among them, it seems that one character has never been introduced: the wife of Rock Lee, the mother of his son Metal Lee.

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Boruto’s Rock Lee is married to?

Boruto, Naruto Next Generations introduced the original Naruto characters as they grew older, married, and had children.

Naruto’s peer group, along with Naruto, are now married. They also have children with the new generation Shinobi, i.e. Boruto and Sarada. Rock Lee is, according to the show.

Metal’s mom is never mentioned in the show’s answers, even though it seems like the show has clear answers. This led to lots of fan debate.

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Who is Rock Lee’s Wife?

While many assumed that it was Tenten, which was later discredited when it became apparent that she was not married, others believed that Metal is Lee’s adopted son, and therefore a mother is possible to be nonexistent. Fans assumed that he is never married, as his wife was not mentioned in any of the episodes.

@uchihassasaku @cesurarts but even Kishimoto-sensei in 2015 hadn’t decided who Rock Lee’s wife was when Junko asked him. He stated that the wife hadn’t yet shown up due to various circumstances. He should have been able, clearly, to state that it was Tenten if so.

Others suggested that it could be Azami (the daughter of Tsubaki the civil councilor, and a master Taijutsu user, a character introduced in a Filler arc who, according to some, Lee allegedly married). There is no evidence to support any of these theories and the creator seems not to be in hurry to answer these questions.

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According to some fans, this seems to be a common theme in the story because Taijutsu is the predominant form of Taijutsu. Even in Might Guy, the fans saw his father, but his mother was never mentioned.

Again, Kishimoto, like Rock Lee, seemed to consider Guy sensei his father figure. However, the identities of his parents remained a mystery. His son seems to be experiencing the same thing.

I wonder if we’ll ever discover who Metal Lee’s Mom is. It doesn’t really matter because he’s almost non-existent in the manga, but it would still be interesting to know if Leex Tenten 3ver is a thing.

This begs the question: Will fans ever know the answer? Will Rock Lee’s identity and Metal Lee’s mother ever be known? The fandom will have more episodes and chapters to look forward to, but that information is not yet known. Keep checking this site for more information about Boruto.

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