Who is Paris Hilton’s Husband?

Who is Paris Hilton's Husband?

Who is Paris Hilton’s Husband? In November 2021, the 40-year-old DJ/businesswoman married Carter Reum at a Los Angeles estate. Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts (Kyle Richards), Nicole Richie, and Kyle Richards were there for the groom and bride.

“We ended our evening dancing to a DJ set. Hilton later wrote about the experience. If I could, I would do it again. It was wonderful to be surrounded by loved ones and to have everyone else celebrating and catching up.

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Who is Paris Hilton’s Husband?

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Reum has been with Hilton since November 2019 and got engaged in February 2021. Reum was described as her “perfect match” in the Paris In Love star.

She stated, “This feels just like it was meant to be.” It feels like it was meant to be.

Continue reading for all the information you need about Carter Reum (Paris Hilton’s husband).

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He has a daughter

Reum is the father of a nine-year-old girl who lives with Laura Bellizzi (previous reality TV star, Secrets of Aspen 2010. Reum and Bellizzi currently reside in California with their child. Reum’s rep confirmed this news in a Pages Six report. This was just days after Hilton and Reum were married.

2020 legal records were reviewed by the outlet. They confirmed that Reum did indeed not undergo a paternity test, but that he signed a document acknowledging his fatherhood.

Reum’s representative stated that it was important for people to learn about the story for ten years. “Carter supports her child. Although he does not have a father/daughter relationship, he has taken care of her since she was born and will continue to do so.

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He is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and serial entrepreneur.

Courtney Reum and Courtney Reum founded M13 in 2016 with the help of their brother Courtney. According to the company’s LinkedIn it aims to “help founders make better decisions and win in their respective areas.”

M13’s client list includes Lyft, Pinterest, Bonobos, Daily Harvest, Class Pass, Snapchat, and many other companies.

In 2007, Reum and his brother cofounded the alcohol brand VEEV Spirits. They sold the majority of their shares in the company in 2016.

He was employed by Goldman Sachs.

Reum was previously employed at Goldman Sachs from 2002 to 2006 in the investment banking section. Reum’s LinkedIn profile shows that he worked with clients like Vitamin Water and Under Armour.

His father was a successful business executive.

W. Robert Reum, the late chairman, president, and CEO of Amsted Industries, is Reum’s son. He was also the father to Reum. Forbes put the company’s worth at $4 billion.

He is an author

Reum and his brother wrote a book, Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Accelerate Entrepreneurial Growth. The book includes advice from siblings about how to succeed in business.

Hiltons long-standing friend and family member, he is his favorite.

Paris told PEOPLE that Reum has been her friend for 15 years. The two started dating after attending Halle Hammond’s Thanksgiving celebrations.

She said that they had great chemistry. “We met on our first date and have never been apart since. It’s quite amazing.”

He is a big L.A. Rams, Rams, and Rams fan.

Reum and Hilton were there cheering on the L.A. Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals at Super Bowl LVII. Los Angeles.

Their matching jerseys were adorned with the number 11, a nod to Hilton’s favorite hour and the date of their wedding.

During quarantine, he ate Schitt’s Creek.

Reum was presented with a full-size photo of Hilton for his 40th birthday. It was created in the same way as the Schitt’s Creek artwork.

According to a source, it was their favorite TV show and they have binged watched it while in quarantine. 

This painting was inspired by a photograph of Hilton and his parents at their Christmas party, in 2019.

Hilton would be his ideal partner in raising children.

Hilton and Reum began IVF treatments together before they were married. She thanked Rem for being so supportive during the whole process.

She said that she was also trying to conceive twins through IVF, one girl, and one boy. Kardashian recommended IVF to her and referred her to a doctor.

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