Who is Maria Taylor Husband? Insider

Who is Maria Taylor Husband

Maria Taylor, a well-known American TV host, was born Suzette Maria Taylor. She is a well-known sportscaster who has been around for more than a decade.

Her work on ESPN Network has helped her to gain hundreds of thousands of followers. Her professional accomplishments are well known by her followers, and she often shares them on her social media. But her details such as her marriage and relationships are what her followers are most interested in knowing.

So Who is Maria Taylor and Who is Maria Taylor Husband? You can find all details about her relationships and marriage here. You can read the whole article to learn more.

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Who is Maria Taylor Husband? Maria Taylor Married Her Husband in February 2021

Maria, who has kept her private life from her followers for years, gave her fans a pleasant surprise in February 2021. Back then, she shared some photos of her marriage to a mysterious man on Instagram. Taylor shared the post on 21 February and wrote: “I Love Our Love Story” in the caption.

Maria was wearing a white dress while her husband was wearing a black suit in the intimate wedding ceremony pictures. Maria, the newlywed sportscaster did not reveal the name of her husband.

Maria had just announced her marriage to @ flowersbyyona a couple of weeks earlier. An Instagram account called @ flowerbyyona posted a picture from the wedding. The photo showed them laughing and smiling as they walked down the aisle. In the caption, Maria’s husband was identified as Jon. The page also felicitated the newlyweds. Have a peek.

Maria is 6′ 2″ tall. Jon Taylor is even taller than Maria Taylor. Jon is two inches taller than his wife. We can therefore assume he stands 6 feet 4 inches. But, this information is not verified.

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Maria Taylor’s First Marriage. Who was her First Husband?

Taylor, who is famous for keeping her private life private, was in the news when she revealed her marital status in 2019. Maria was married to Rodney Blackstock.

According to sources, the couple was married in Destin, Florida on May 5, 2019, at the Hilton Sandestin. They had been together for many years before they finally got married.

How did they meet their First Time?

Let’s start with the first time they met. According to The Knot News’ September 2014 article, Maria was married to her future husband. Blackstock and the ESPN host met in September 2014. They were both at the Charlotte Hornets in North Carolina. Maria reflects on their first encounter.

“I clearly remember seeing him and telling a friend that if we keep going to these games, we’ll end up dating each other.”

Blackstock was, however, also discussing her with his friends. Maria explained that Blackstock was asking a friend if he had ever played for Charlotte’s WNBA.

“Or, maybe he thought I was there support one of them-I was a girl of a player or some such thing.”

They met again in the backroom of the same game, where Blackstock said to her, “You aren’t as tall as me.” This started a good conversation.

They exchanged numbers at their first encounter. They met again in the garage and the ex-pair considered grabbing food. However, they ended up talking until 5 a.m. in the garage.

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Their Engagement and the Initial Plan for Marriage

Maria shared with The Knot her thoughts about Rodney proposing to Maria in Palm Springs. They had planned to take a vacation there, but Rodney couldn’t make it work.

They had planned to wed in June 2016, but they later decided they weren’t ready for commitment. After canceling their wedding, they took a break. Although they weren’t officially married, they maintained contact.

Three years later, they were back together, stronger this time. Both of them called their parents and said they were going to marry soon.

Maria Taylor and Rodney Blackstock’s second engagement and marriage

Rodney proposed to Maria shortly after their last reunion during their hike through Los Angeles. Maria spoke out about the moment Rodney fell to one knee.

“All this stuff was packed up. Then, he begins to make a long soliloquy speech about how much he loves them and why he is so happy that they’ll be together forever.

Maria said,

“He pulled the ring out again and it was the same happiness that I had when I first got the ring. It all came flooding back.

Maria was surprised by Blackstock’s proposal. It was a floral-inspired ring with a halo. Taylor claimed that the ring was her first love. Taylor expressed her love for the ring and said that she knew she wanted to be rose gold.

Maria Taylor and Rodney Blackstock got married on May 5, 2019, after almost five years of romance. The couple said “I do” to their families and close friends during their beach wedding all-white theme.

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How did Maria and Rodney Blackstock got divorced Are they Divorced

Maria Taylor likes to keep her details private, just as we said before. So, we don’t know much about Rodney Blackstock’s divorce proceedings. She and Rodney Blackstock are now divorced. The ESPN journalist has married another man.

Maria has not given any information on Blackstock’s divorce. We do know she was once happily married but is now no longer with him.

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