Who is LiSA’s Husband? Does She Have Kids?

Who is LiSA's Husband? Does She Have Kids?

Produced by Taketoshi Sado, Netflix’s “LiSA Another Great Day’ is a documentary that traces the professional career of the famous Japanese artist Risa Oribe. She is popularly known as Lisa. The film reveals how the singer discovered her love of music, the difficulties she encountered when pursuing her dream, and finally, how she discovered her place in the music industry.

The documentary focuses on the 10 years LiSA has spent as a musician and highlights many of the memorable events that she has had in her life. However, the documentary isn’t particularly thorough about LiSA’s love lifestyle, and has led to many fans curious to learn more about the subject. Do you think LiSA really married and who did she marry with? We are glad to help you find the answers!

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LiSA’s Husband

It’s true, LiSA has been married for a while to famous voice actor and singer Tatsuhisa Suzuki. There was not much public about their relationship life in the beginning of their relationship and the fact they were actually together was not known to all. In May of 2019 reports from one Japan’s top investigative news agencies reported the couple LiSA Suzuki and LiSA Suzuki are engaged. The couple did not make the story until January 2020 when they announced that they were getting married. This announcement also helped confirm their marriage publicly.

The two LiSA and Suzuki maintained a quiet private life and it seemed like things were good between them until their image was damaged. In late July 2021 reports suggested that Suzuki was engaged in an affair with someone else. His supposed accomplice was believed to be a woman called A-san. She worked at the studio in which Suzuki was employed. A-san was said to be responsible for recording while Suzuki was working.

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It is believed that the pair had begun working with one at the end of 2020 and became quite close throughout the course of. In the time of 2021 spring the two appeared to become intimate and started to visit hotels together. There has been rumors that A-san didn’t speak secretly revealing that she was part of the relationship. She was allegedly boasting about it on social media accounts, that raised eyebrows in the industry. As per reports, Suzuki could also bring A-san to his home which she shares with LiSA. A lot of people have claimed that Suzuki was unhappy about the distinction in his fame between himself and his wife, which could have led to his non-faithfulness.

Following the news of Suzuki’s affair allegedly breaking in the media, he and LiSA stopped their jobs and LiSA even aborted her tour to promote her debut album “Ladybug.” Shortly after the”revealing” Suzuki received a hospital admission to an inpatient hospital located at the Minato Ward, Tokyo. According to reports, the voice actor was attempting to end his life however he was rescued and rehabilitated for two weeks.

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When she learned of her husband’s health, LiSA rushed to the hospital to know the latest news on the situation. People who claimed to have close relationships with the singer claimed the fact that LiSA was already overwhelmed by the announcement of her husband’s affair and her hospitalization only added to her grief. Many emphasized on the fact that LiSA was not unhappy, but deeply sorrowful about the entire incident.

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