Where Was Her (2013) Filmed?

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“Her” is a science fiction romantic film that follows The life and times of Theodore Twombly, a professional letter writer who feels lonely and depressed because of his imminent divorce from his former wife and childhood sweetheart, Catherine. To keep himself busy and do something new, Theodore purchases an AI virtual assistant who communicates with a woman’s voice, and the name of Samantha. 

Samantha and Theodore start having interesting conversations during the day and at night and discuss love, life and just about everything else. Theodore’s smile changes direction, and He realizes that he’s developing feelings towards Samantha.

Theodore’s passion for Samantha is growing stronger as the years pass and they have several virtual interactions until tragedy occurs. Spike Jonze’s screenwriting debut is an exceptional film that doesn’t paint the future as scary. Instead, it is an uplifting story of humanity and love that’s equally sad and gorgeous. In addition to Joaquin Pheonix’s as well as Scarlett Johansson’s captivating performance, the 2013 movie was also well-received for its cinematic storytelling. If you’re searching for the locations where the film was shot You’re in the right spot!

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Her filming locations

The film is set within Los Angeles, in the not too distant future, which is pleasant to touch and beautiful looking. So, lots of thought was given to the design of the film and lighting choices made by the legendary cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema. When it comes to the locations of shooting are concerned, the film was shot within Los Angeles, the City of Angels and other regions of California. The crew also flew to Shanghai to shoot a few futuristic scenes. Here are the information about the filming process!

Los Angeles, California

The majority of the filming took place during this summer at numerous locations across California most notably located in Los Angeles. The station for heavy-rail subways which Theodore and Samantha travel through to reach their destination for their date is the Hollywood/Western Metro Station. It is situated between Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue in East Hollywood.

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The Los Angeles Center Studios doubled in as Theodore’s office friend Amy The scene on the boat was shot in The Los Angeles Harbor Lighthouse AKA Angels Gate Light. The Watermarke Towers doubled up as Theodore’s home located in The imaginary Beverly Wilshire City. It’s exactly in 705 West 9th Street, Los Angeles.

The scenes of the lobby of the apartment of Theodore were shot at the Pacific Design Center at 8687 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood that also functioned as an art space. Theodore is passing by, and stops to take in the beauty of a stunning airplane installation.

The breathtaking Donner Lake Overlook, located at Donner Summit Rd, Truckee was the backdrop for the sunrise and hike and Sugar Bowl Resort. Sugar Bowl Resort, located 8-9 miles to the west of Truckee.

In the film the film, there’s the scene in which Theodore is taking Samantha for two dates with Theodore’s best friend Paul and his companion. Well, the entire picnic scene was shot in Founders Park at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

The scene in the fair in which Samantha and Theodore enjoy themselves was shot in the Santa Monica Pier, a famous amusement park in the town of Santa Monica, west of downtown Los Angeles.

The scene in the restaurant in which Theodore confronts his ex-wife Catherine to sign divorce papers was shot in the 120 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles. The letter writer’s elegantly constructed office building is on 400 South Hope Street, Los Angeles.

Shanghai, China

The images of the futuristic Los Angeles were shot in the Pudong business district in Shanghai. The hallway that leads to Theodore and Amy’s residence was actually the hall of the luxurious hotel located at Huangpu Rd, Hongkou District The hotel is the Hongkou District Hyatt located at the Bund Hotel. The elevator in the five-star hotel was used in the film in which Theodore utilizes the elevator after leaving his work.

In the last moments of the film, as Theodore and Amy discover leaving their AI Partners, their most cherished pair of friends are seated at the top of the roof of their home and gaze over the gorgeous cityscape filled with skyscrapers. The film was shot on the rooftop of the luxury Shanghai hotel, Pudong Shanghai – Hilton Shanghai.

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