Where to Go After Rennala Elden Ring

Where to Go After Rennala Elden Ring

Rennala, The Queen of the Full Moon, is among the most powerful demigods players can take on during the Elden Ring. The queen’s location is one of the more unusual areas of the game and is crucial to ensuring that players can change their character. If players want to complete the Ranni questline, they’ll have to overcome Queen Rennala either way or the other.

Although it’s true that Rennala isn’t an obligatory boss In Elden Ring, players should put her in the top spot over the other gods. The players only have to obtain two Great Runes to access Leyndell, Royal Capital. Rennala should be among the two Great Runes for various reasons. If players choose to go after her and take her on, it’s not clear what to do.

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Where to Go After Rennala The Queen of the Full Moon

Rennala is among the demigods that are easier to defeat with her magic attacks and her personal Spirit Ash summons. The demigod is also situated in central Liurnia of the Lakes area. Therefore, it’s common for players easily find her entrance either way.

If the players could defeat Godrick at Stormveil Castle and then defeat Rennala and then beat Rennala, they could technically enter the Altus Plateau and access Leyndell, Royal Capital. The next chapter in the story of Elden Ring. However, players must be aware that Altus Plateau and Leyndell are two challenging places but only suitable for players of the appropriate level.

The players who want to complete the main storyline as fast as possible could defeat Godrick or Rennala and proceed to the capital. However, anyone who does this will likely be under-levelled, which means they may have difficulty getting past their enemies as they progress. It is therefore recommended that players explore Liurnia more after beating Rennala.

Liurnia is a huge area home to a myriad of caves, dungeons, and other secret locations throughout its territory. Rennala and The Academy of Raya Lucaria are only two of the many parts of the area. The players can also access the Four Belfries to the northwest and Carian Manor. Also, you can find interesting places to explore, including dungeons located in the eastern part of the region.

In addition, players can go towards The Divine Tower of Liurnia to benefit from Rennala’s Great Rune following their defeat of her. The tower is situated on the east of Liurnia. However, players must advance the Ranni questline to achieve this. Ranni is located in the northwest region of Liurnia, and she takes players to one of the most rewarding quests available in Elden Ring. If players do not want to tackle Ranni’s quest, you can join in Latenna’s Millicent’s or Rya’s quests which all start in Liurnia.

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If you’re looking to move beyond Liurnia after defeating Rennala, the idea of visiting Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy in Volcano Manor, is a logical next step. Volcano Manor can be found in the northwest region within the Altus Plateau, so players should have completed the main storyline to enter the region. Volcano Manor and the preceding area of Mt. Gelmir are extremely difficult places, so players must be in the range of 65 to 80 to stand a chance of surviving.

In addition, players may go to General Starscourage Radahn within the area of Caelid in the Caelid region if they don’t have one. Radahn isn’t a boss that must be defeated to defeat in Elden Ring, but defeating them will open players the way to those who are part of Ranni’s quest line. Radahn also allows players to truly explore the underground areas in The Lands Between.

If you are looking to go to The Altus Plateau through the Grand Lift of Rold, Caelid is a must-see destination. Fort Faroth in the region is home to the Dectus Medallion (Right), which is necessary to access the lift and get to the Altus Plateau.

Players can also explore one of one Ainsel and the Siofra Rivers in Elden Ring after defeating Rennala. These are underground areas accessible early in the game. They require a significant amount of time to traverse and offer some amazing sights and weapons, as well as the most difficult bosses and enemies.

From completing and moving on questlines to visiting new places and further advancing the narrative in Elden Ring, options are abundant for players after defeating Rennala. It is entirely up to the player to decide how they’d like to do it. One thing to keep in mind is that, as gamers advance their skill level, they must also rise if they are aiming to keep pace with their opponents.

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