Where To Find Seluvis? Easy Quest Guide

Where To Find Seluvis? Easy Quest Guide

Seluvis is the owner of his very own castle within his Three Sisters area behind Caria Manor in Liurnia. However, it is locked until you get into Ranni’s service and then begin her quest line.

After having spoken with Ranni, after which you’ve agreed to assist her, she’ll invite you to talk with her advisers on the Tower’s lower level. You’ll find a projector of Seluvis in the entryway, and he’ll invite you to make a trip to his Tower. To do this, you must talk to the three advisors: Seluvis, Blaidd, and Ijl. Then, talk to Ranni again to exit the Tower. Seluvis’s Tower is located southwest of the Ranni’s, so go to this location now, and you’ll be able to find Seluvis inside.

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Take Seluvis’s potion and then make a decision.

Talk with Seluvis, and he’ll request you to assist him in administering an alcoholic drink for Nepheli. Accept the task, and Seluvis will give you the potion. The next step is to decide what you will do with it. However, you’ll need to complete three things to move forward:

  • Donate the potion to Nepheli as she returns her to Roundtable Hold after meeting her at the Village of the Albinaurics.
  • Donate the potion for the Dung Eater towards the conclusion of his quest instead of applying one of the 5 Seedbed Curses.
  • Give this potion over to Gideon during the Roundtable Hold.

Selecting one of the two choices will enable you to summon the Spirit Ashes of whomever you decide to give it to. The moment you hand over the potion, Gideon will result in him destroying the item. It doesn’t matter what choice you make; you need to complete one of these actions to complete Seluvis’s mission.

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Finding the puppet cellar

After you’ve dispensed the potion however you like, go towards your home in the Three Sisters and locate the ruin that lies that lie between Ranni’s Rise and Renna’s Rise across to the east. There’s a hidden staircase there, and rolling it will cause the illusion of a floor to be broken. Enter the room, and you’ll see a bright message on the floor close to the wall to the rear. Take a look at the message, then take an ogling at your leisure before returning to Seluvis’s Rise.

If you call Seluvis, he’ll believe you’ve fulfilled what he wanted and will suggest that you purchase sorcery. There’s also an option to inquire about the chambers that you’ve discovered and unlock the Puppet Spirit Ash. Once you have purchased one, it will not be available until you refill the area.

It is apparent that you have to purchase both the puppets and the rest of his magic items in order to move on to the next stage. After doing this, the wizard will inform you of his plan and ask you to search for an Amber Starlight item.

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Where can you locate the Amber Starlight?

There’s just one clue to the location of the Amber Starlight item, and that’s the map that can be bought at Pidia, who is the Carian servant. This map isn’t needed for finding the shard. So take it off if you need to get there.

If you’re not, then from Seluvis’s Rise and heading northeast along the cliff’s edge until you come to a point at which you can descend onto Caria Manor and then walk toward the southwest of the building, and then go down to the small wooden platform beneath. Continue dropping down until you’re at the ramparts and find a small opening at the top of the structure. Go across and climb down the ladder to locate Pidia.

If you’d like to head straight to the location, go toward the Altus Plateau and the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace. From there, go east, and look to the ravine which runs along the side of the Stormcaller Church. Enter the tunnel, and you’ll see this piece of art at the bottom of the hill in the vicinity of an unnamed statue.

Once you’ve got it, go back to Seluvis at The Three Sisters and hand over the Amber Starlight, and you’ll receive the Magic Scorpion Charm talisman.

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Donate an Amber Draught Ranni

An important note The following step will stop you from completing Ranni’s quest unless and until you’ve absolved your sins in the Church of Vows with a Celestial Dew. In the end, the only way for me to proceed was by going straight into the Radahn boss battle and skipping step 2. Solen the Sorceress quest stage.

You’ll have to load the area before returning to talk with Seluvis again. Seluvis will hand you his Amberlight Draught and ask you to return it to Ranni. Make a quick trip towards Ranni’s Rise and choose to administer the drink. Naturally, Ranni is going to be quite unhappy with you. If you give her a chance, she’ll take you down. If you go back into her bedroom, that she’s gone.

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