Where to Find Preserving Boluses Elden Ring

Where to Find Preserving Boluses Elden Ring

Conserving Boluses is a consumable item found within the Elden Ring that can be used to treat a rot-related ailment and reduce the accumulation of scarlet Rot. It’s a craftable product you can create after you have found Armorer’s Cookbook. This guide will provide full details about locating conserving Boluses within Elden Ring.

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Where to Find Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring

Conserving Boluses are a highly useful food item that helps eliminate Scarlet Rot’s growth. This is a great product to use against enemies who have built up Rot or move through zones such as those in the Lake of Rot.

You can locate and purchase the conserving Boluses within the Elden Ring in several places.

  • It is possible to purchase the three Perserving Boluses at the Nomadic Merchant in Caelid, Highway North.
  • The Siofra River Well, after taking another lift, you will be able to access the structure that is there. This is on an unidentified body.
  • The Leyndell, Royal Capital, immediately after getting down from the lift, you’ll find it inside the room directly close to the lift.
  • Then in North Caelid, you will find it in The Shack, which is located in the Rotting.

It is also possible to craft these items using Elden Ring. Here we will explain how to make Preserving Boluses within Elden Ring.

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How to Craft Preserving Boluses

To create the Conserving Boluses inside the Elden Ring, you will have to locate Armorer’s Cookbook.

To obtain this Cookbook:

  1. Visit this Siofra River Bank location shown on the map above.
  2. Ascend uphill.
  3. Turn to the west, and you’ll see the book on a corpse.

After you have the Cookbook, you can create Conserving Boluses by accumulating the necessary ingredients. The list of the three essential items, along with their amount and locations, is shown in the following.

  • Dewkissed Herba (x2): This can be found all over the Elden Ring Map.
  • Crystal Cave Moss (x1): Inside the Academy Crystal Cave.
  • Sacramental Bud (x1): In Church of the Plague.

After you have collected the required items, you can make Conserving Boluses. It is possible to craft consumable items regularly, provided you have the right items.

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