Where Is The Clipboard On My Samsung Phone | 3 Locations To Find the Clipboard

Where Is The Clipboard On My Samsung Phone

Samsung phones are known for their timeless, sleek design and dynamic Android OS. There is also a built-in clipboard, which is essential when editing or copying text or links. However, this isn’t as simple as an ordinary application. The clipboard functions on your phone could be a nightmare for any user.

The location of the clipboard may differ slightly based on your Samsung phone’s model. In general, there are three places in which it is possible to find it. The one is to tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of your keyboard. The next step is to locate it in”the “Edge Screen.” then, press and hold on to the area where you enter text and select ” clipboard” from the menu.

Then, where is my clipboard located that I have on the back of my Samsung Phone? How do I find it?. This is why we’ve explained them in greater detail in the following paragraphs. Keep studying to find out where and where to find the Clipboard in the Samsung phone.

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Where Is The Clipboard On My Samsung Phone

These are the steps you can follow to discover the place on the clipboard on your Samsung phone. If you can locate it, it will be great to use it for copying and pasting text.

Location #1: Find the Clipboard on the Edge Screen

The clipboard will be visible in the Edge Panelsif you’re using the most recent models that are part of Samsung Galaxy, including Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and so on. But, you’ll have to activate the Edge Panelsbefore accessing the clipboard. What do you need to do? Below are some steps you need to follow:

  1. Click on the “Settings” on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. Select the “App” option and then “Display.”
  3. Select and activate “Edge Screen.”
  4. After turning into”Edge Panels,” once you have turned on “Edge Panels,  click on the “Edge Panels” text to customize it.
  5. You’ll be able to see several choices such as Music, Clipboard App, Tasks people, smart select, etc.
  6. Select “Clipboard” from the menu to open it on your Edge window.
  7. Swipe left from the Edge display indication to the right edge of the screen to look at the clipboard.

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Location #2: Find the Clipboard Within the Keyboard

Maybe using the Edge Panels may be complex for you. Do not worry, as you can use the clipboard inside your keyboard in your Samsung phone. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open a text message app like Message App, Notepad, etc.
  2. You’ll see three-dot in the upper-right corner of your keyboard. Press the dots.
  3. There are various options there, including the clipboard, search, modes, editing text, and more.

Important NoteYou’ll have to connect your Clipboard to the Samsung phone keyboard to be able to use it efficiently. Drag and tap to move the “Clipboard” to the top. That’s it!

Location #3: Find the Clipboard in the Text Entry Area

The text area is the most common place for the clipboard in the Samsung phone. This is also the most straightforward method to get access to the clipboard feature. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Open the messaging application and then try to create the message you want to send.
  2. Click and hold on to your field for entering text.
  3. There are various options available when the menu opens. You can add your text by choosing”Clipboard”. 

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We’ve described three places to locate your Clipboard option within your Samsung phone. The first one is located on your Screen Edge on your Samsung phone. The second location is located inside the keyboard by pressing three dots. three dots on the top-right side. The third option is to locate the clipboard within the text entry area by tapping and holding. press and hold method.

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