Where is The Castle Morne-Elden Ring?

Where is The Castle Morne-Elden Ring

Castle Morne, despite its size, is not a Legacy Dungeon. Although you can skip it, you will miss the Stonesword Key and several new weapons. \The Twinblade Talisman is also missing. It’s best to visit Castle Morne while in the Weeping Peninsula.

Where is The Castle Morne-Elden Ring guide will help you ensure you don’t get killed (not a lot at all) or lose any loot.

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Elden Ring is hard to miss. Follow the road south to the Weeping peninsula, and you will see a huge castle right in front.

Side note: Don’t be afraid of the stone giant. It is a weak foe, despite its size. Simply slash the ankles of this foe, and you can continue to Castle Morne.


To activate the elevator, go past the Castle Morne Lift Site of Grace. Next, step on the pressure plate. You will then reach the first open area home to Undead Dogs and Misbegotten. The campfires at Castle Morne are surrounded by Smoldering Butterflies, which can be used as a crafting material for many fire-based products.

To collect a Smithing stone, you must first cross the open area. Keep going past the corpses to take down the Pumpkin Head. He will drop a Sanctuary Stone or Smithing Stone. The Pumpkin Helm (which is rare) is also available. Keep an eye out for the flying Misbegotten, and look to your left for three Smithing stones.

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Consider climbing the corpse pile before you go up the main ladder. To collect the Fire Grease from a corpse hanging above the wall, you only need to kill a few Misbegotten. You will find a secret passageway behind the corpse (see above), which will take you to a room that contains a Claymore.

Continue on your castle tour, and you will find many groups of Soldiers and Misbegotten fighting each other. Relax, then take care of the survivors. After you reach the higher stone walls, grab the Furlcalling finger remedy and the Steel Torch from the corpses.

You’ll be back on the main road through Castle Morne. You can defeat the Misbegotten by climbing the stone walls. Also, don’t forget the Gold Rune [2] from the body in the middle. Don’t wait to get more loot from the campfire. You can explore two additional areas on either side of the stone wall (ladders 1 and 2 in the photo).

To your right, take the ladder, and you will find two Misbegotten (be careful! One of them may appear from the heavens) and a corpse with two Smithing Stones [2]. To find more Soldiers and Misbegotten, go down the second ladder. After finishing the survivors, collect the Gold Rune [2]. Talk to the NPC Edgar and climb the tower. He will give you the Strictual Twig Talisman.

After you are done, you can go to the cozy campfire and activate the Behind Castle site of grace (dropdown).


Continue your Castle Morne adventure by dropping down the cliffs. Be careful: Don’t jump on the roof with the grate doors. Instead, go ahead. Below is a wooden platform that houses a corpse and a StoneswordKey.

You will find a stone wall with many scared Misbegotten in front of you (you have the option to backstab them or ignore them). There is also a tower ahead. Be sure to enter the room with the Spirit NPC in the caged right before you leave. Kill the Misbegotten, and then loot the corpse Pickled Turtle Necks. But be careful with the Slime dropping from the ceiling.

Continue onwards towards the tower. After defeating the Misbegotten using the large axe, you can climb up the tower to obtain the Twinblade Talisman. Jump on the roof to your right and climb down. Do not miss the three Tarnished Gold Sunflowers buried in the corpse.

You will see an opening on the floor a little further ahead. You will die if you don’t jump on the wooden beams and not drop down. A corpse is holding a Smithing Stone at the top of the beam.

Below you, there are four Rats as well as a Misbegotten. You can take them out with your ranged weapons if you want to be safe. You can then go outside to find a Whipweapon and drop it down on another corpse. You can’t miss the Just around the corner is the Rampart Gaol Site of Grace.

Cross the hanging bridge to complete Castle Morne’s final section before the boss and eliminate the two Misbegotten. They are difficult to defeat and impossible to sneak up on. Then, take eight Throwing daggers from the corpse and climb the ladder.

Collect the loot from the shore before you go to the boss area. Just around the corner from the tower is a corpse with a Sombersmithing Stone [1]. A giant crab will be visible further up, just in front of a small cave. Here you’ll find 15 Fire Arrows.


Here’s a tip: if you have lost some of your flasks in fighting the Misbegotten while using them. Return to the place of grace and get a refill. Then, drop down from the hanging bridge, skipping the Misbegotten.

The Leonine Missbegotten is Castle Morne’s boss and a fast physical damage dealer. He mainly relies on jump attacks and fast horizontal slash combinations. The bad news is that you won’t be able to keep your distance. The good news is that horizontal strikes can be easily repelled. The Leonine Misbegotten is resistant to Magic, Lightning and Holy damage. However, it is weak to physical damage (especially slash).

Important: Your Spirit Summons can be used against the Elden Ring boss. You can use your Lone Wolf Ashes to distract Leonine Misbegotten and drain his HP.

You will be rewarded for your efforts against the Leonine Misbegotten with a Grafted Blade Greatsword.

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