Where is the audience selector found on Facebook?

Where is the audience selector found on Facebook?

It is possible to attract a lot of unwanted attention on Facebook, and, at times, it can be a bit icky. When you upload a photo of yourself, anyone with access to the account can see it in the event that your settings aren’t set properly.

Furthermore, putting up a private photo for the world to see can be risky. If this is a problem for you, it is possible to change it.

Facebook constantly updates its features to allow you to improve the security of your profile and your content. One of these features is the option to choose the target viewers for your posts. But where exactly is the selector for the Audience?

There is an audience selector in the area on the Page where you can change the status of your post on Facebook. The steps are easy to follow when updating your post in your “What’s on your mind?” section. Writing posts with images or videos and choosing your target audience is possible. You can find the audience selector just beneath your name.

Navigating Facebook can be a challenge as the platform constantly updates its features. If you’re looking to learn how to choose your viewers on Facebook, this article can aid you.

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What’s the use of the Facebook Audience Selector?

According to a study, Facebook currently has about 2.85 billion active monthly users. Anyone can access their profile anywhere in the globe.

There are security rules in place to prevent people from viewing the profile of your friends; without these settings, you may be sharing photos with anyone on the internet.

The audience selector in Facebook lets you determine who is able to view the profile. Controlling your post’s Audience protects you from being the subject of unwanted attention and also ensures the privacy you require.

Facebook offers you a variety of choices for choosing your public, such as “Friends,” “Public,” “Friends Other than …,” “Specific Friends,” and “Only myself.”

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Where to Find the audience selector on Facebook?

There are two scenarios in which you might need to select your Audience before posting and following the posting. The steps involved in doing this will differ; therefore, we will discuss both scenarios.

How Do You Set Audiences While Posting?

You can choose your Audience by using the status update option as you are posting. Because the steps are fairly simple, it shouldn’t take any hassle.

  1. Access Facebook using any gadget.
  2. Simply click on the” What’s on your mind?” box.
  3. Create your blog.
  4. Select the privacy option beneath your login.
  5. Choose from “Public,” “Friends,” “Friends Other than …,” “Specific Friends,” or “Only Me.”
  6. Hit ” Done.”
  7. Click”Post” or click the ” Post” button.

Certain things will always be PublicIf you make your comment on an open group or publish it on Facebook; it will remain visible on Facebook. Facebook does not offer users the ability to choose who reads comments in public forums. This means that everyone can view the comment whenever they join the Page or make a post.

How to Set Audiences After Posting?

If you didn’t set the Audience when you posted and would like to alter the settings after posting, you could make the change within the post. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Facebook on any device.
  2. Visit the login issue.
  3. Just click one of the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the Page.
  4. Choose”Edit Audience” and click on the ” Edit audience” option.
  5. Choose from your choices of “Public,” “Friends,” “Friends Other than …,” “Specific Friends,” as well as “Only Me.”
  6. Hit ” Done.”

Create the Audience for all PostsYou can set the target audience for all of your posts simultaneously by adjusting your settings. Navigate to Facebook’s settings and choose”Privacy” from the “Privacy” option. Then, click the “Edit” button next to “Who can see your future posts.” Then select the group that is most suitable for you.


It is recommended to keep your profile secure on Facebook and enjoy a secure experience when using the application.

It’s recommended to do more to increase the safety of your account and the content you post.

Use these tips to effectively establish the target Facebook audience.

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