Where is Noura Jackson’s friend Ansley Larsson?

Where is Noura Jackson's friend Ansley Larsson

Noura Jackson was only 18 when she found the body of her mom, Jennifer Jackson, murdered at their home in June of 2005. The authorities began digging deeper they concluded they believed that Noura was the murderer She was ultimately found guilty using circumstantial evidence, but it was overturned.

ABC News’ “20/20: Deadly Daughter,” explores the case of Noura Jackson and examines her claims to innocence. Ansley Larsson was a good friend that believed the exact same idea, was a huge aid to Noura. We’ve got you covered if you’d like to learn more about Noura.

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What do you think is Ansley Larsson?

Ansley Larsson, and Jennifer Jackson lived in Memphis, Tennessee. They became friends when their children began to date. Then tragedy struck in June of 2005 as 39 year-old Jennifer was discovered dead in her home. In the beginning of the investigation, police looked into Mike Irvin, a pastor Jennifer was with at the time she passed away. He also admitted to calling her in the evening.

Ansley also stated the same thing: “The truth is, the first thing I thought of was him. There appears to be an intense, deep anger towards the man who appears to be very controlling.” But, authorities ultimately eliminated him as he claimed to have been at home for about 90 minutes prior to at the moment Jennifer was murdered. They then focused their attention on Noura The teen daughter who discovered the body.

The detectives believed that Noura had killed her mother in rage. Witnesses told them that both mother and daughter had troubles in the past and Noura was not entirely truthful about where she was that night. But, Ansley never believed Noura was the one to blame. She stated, “There’s no way that Noura Jackson would have done that to anyone. But never her mother! She was a loving mother. It’s hard to imagine a many 16-year-olds who abandon plans to go out with their mom. “Mom is in need of me. Woosh, where’d be no place for her to go.”

Based on circumstantial evidence Noura was found guilty of second-degree murder back in the month of February. Then, a few years later the conviction was reversed and Noura accepting an Alford plea to a lesser charge. This led to the release of Noura from jail in August of 2016, and Ansley was waiting to take her to the airport. Jennifer’s family was unwilling to help Noura and she was forced to move into the home of Ansley.

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Where Is Ansley Larsson Now?

When they drove to the airport following Noura’s release Ansley Larsson inquired If Noura would like to drive by her former home. It was a very emotional experience for her, as she realized the way things had changed since then. Following that, Ansley welcomed Noura into her house in a different area in Memphis. There has been a lot of change since the time and Noura moved on the east coast to New York and Ansley moving forward with her life.

Ansley Larsson lives at home in Memphis together with her partner. She is a loving mother of their two children. Aside from that, Ansley runs her own goose egg jewelry business. The idea to create dyed eggs by hand came from when she met an individual who was doing similar work in a shopping mall. The devoted grandmother appears to be a big admirer of the Memphis-based professional basketball group, The Memphis Grizzlies and enjoys attending games in full force.

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