Where is Meteorologist Jack Bushong Now?

Where is Meteorologist Jack Bushong Now?

An uncharacteristic event that took place in the month of March 1994 in Michigan was a source of concern for many residents, who wondered whether the object they saw was an unidentified flying object, or not. Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries: Something in the Sky’ chronicles the events of that night , as well as interviews with witnesses who claimed to have seen strange lighting in the skies.

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Who is Jack Bushong?

Jack Bushong grew up in Muskegon, Michigan. In the program, Jack spoke about his interest in science, astronomy, and the weather since a very young age . He knew his dream to become meteorologist at the age of six. On the 8th of March 1994 Jack was just 29 years old, worked at the National Weather Service in Muskegon and was at home around the time that the call was received at 10 pm.

The phone call came coming from an Ottawa County 911 dispatch in Michigan. They had received numerous accounts of something appearing in the sky above the county. Police officers and witnesses had reported that they had seen lights on the sky which were not normal. When Jack went to his radars, he noticed the similar things. He initially thought of the possible explanations that could be a glitch, or weather phenomenon. However, none of them seemed to match the images he was seeing in his radar.

Jack was able to recall that they were made of solid, and were “coming together and coming apart.” He continued, “Moving about 20 miles during each jump. They were hovering and then jumping. The hovering and jumping.” In this show Jack declared that these objects were able to form an arc, hover, and then move to create the same shape. He recalled the objects remaining still at a particular spot over Michigan Lake, where they were joined by numerous other objects.

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In the moment, Jack was unaware that the conversation to the dispatcher was recorded. However, once he learned the truth, he was concerned about what his coworkers and other colleagues would think of his conduct. Jack said, “Just that people think that you’re a scumbag You’re lying, and you’re not trustworthy. You’re supposed to be an academic but doubtful.” The host said that the workplace was not a good place for him after which, about five months following that incident, Jack retreated to Georgia to start afresh.

Where is Jack Bushong Today?

Jack Bushong received his Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology at Florida State University in 1988. While working at the National Weather Service in Muskegon and then moving to work as a Hydro-Meteorologist at Peachtree City in Georgia. Jack enjoyed a distinguished career that included promotions and an honor for his forecasting prior to taking a break in the year the year 2016. Since the time, Jack has been working as an actor as well as a permanent professional photographer. He is a specialist in landscape wedding, high-speed photography, in addition to other things.

Jack is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Joy, whom he got married in June of 1991. Other than that, John enjoys traveling, 3D modeling, camping and walking. In June 2021 John was a part of the US Government published a report that claimed there were unfathomable objects observed from the skies by a few people. For Jack this moment was crucial. He stated, “I guess I’ve been waiting for this validation that I never imagined I going to get for the rest of my life. However, now with the military out there saying exactly what I witnessed in the past 30 years, I’m able to finally tell people “I told you so.”

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