Where Is Killer Matthew Owens Now?

Where Is Killer Matthew Owens Now?

When Sonya Ivanoff disappeared in their Nome, Alaska, house in August 2003, the government provided every possible avenue to ensure her safe return. But the creation of the frame that Sonya was missing grew to turn the whole case on its head before an astonishing revelation that proved an officer from the law was responsible for the murder.

“Dateline: A Walk In The Rain’ traces the story of Sonya’s murder and the investigation that ultimately led to officer Matthew “Matt” Owens. If you’re interested in this case and would like to find out where Matt is currently at the time, we’ve got you covered.

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Who Is Matthew Owens?

Matthew Owens was once a police officer in his Nome Police Division and was at one time on active accountability on the day that Sonya disappeared on the 10th of August, 2003. Also, he was part of the celebration of the quest’s birthday, a search party that scoured the local areas in search of the missing woman. In addition, the reason that the case was later handed to the Alaska State Soldiers after the discovery of Sonya’s frame was that Matt was never an element of the group investigating murder.

But, aside from being a well-known native police officer from a tiny town like Nome, Matt had 0 connections with Sonya and was not suspect of her murder at all. In actual fact, the police would have been unable to track Matt if he did not make an unprovoked assault a few days after the victim was first reported missing.

After four days, Sonya was reported missing. The police found her body inside a gravel pit. She was naked and unrecognizable for a single sock, after which a postmortem concluded that the assassin hit her in the head at a close range and killed her within a matter of minutes. So, six days after her body was found after which, police from the Nome Police Division spotted that one of their patrol cars was not present. At the same time, searching for the vehicle and were provided with an address from Matt Owens, who claimed that a group of people was assaulting him near a nearby gravel and sand mine.

Once the authorities reached the location, they found the vehicle was missing and had damaged windows, whereas Matt was previously in status alongside the vehicle. Oddly enough, there was no indication that the perpetrators were there, despite the fact that officials had spotted a note inside the vehicle warning police not to be involved in Sonya’s homicide probe. Sonya’s ID card was placed inside the envelope.

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Where Is Matthew Owens Nowadays?

While the attack upon Matt Owens was once lovely and plausible, the investigators soon discovered that the entire incident was staged. A useful guideline and a quick analysis of the sand, as well as the gravel mine, confirmed that Matt should not have been in a position to exist in the event that he was attacked with violence, and it did not make sense for the perpetrators to leave with the letter of the police officer in the process.

Then, investigators began to suspect Mark of killing Sonya after a witness came before them and claimed she observed Sonya in a police car in the night after she vanished. Also, the police discovered they had discovered that Matt had burned several pieces of wood in the area when Sonya disappeared. Then, when they found the victim’s buttons inside the officer’s burn pit, they arrested him and accused him of homicide, as well as tampering with evidence.

In the first instance of being made available in the court docket, Matthew Owens pled not to be responsible for the rate of first-degree murder, but the trial ended and led to a jury that could not be seated. The second trial was held outside of Nome; however, even though Matt made an agreement that he was not to be accountable for the second trial, the defendant was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to a prison sentence of 101 years in 2005. So, even though Matt is in the process of being ineligible for parole, the latest prison records show that he’s behind bars in federal prison.

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