Where is Brad Waldroup’s Ex-Wife Penny Waldroup Now?

Where is Brad Waldroup's Ex-Wife Penny Waldroup Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘No one can Hear You Scream The murder of Kimsey Mountain’ narrates the tragic tale of Penny Waldroup who was severely injured and nearly killed by her husband, whom she had fought for years in Polk County, Tennessee, in the month of October 2006. The harrowingly violent incident caused the loss of her dearest acquaintance, Leslie Bradshaw, by her husband’s hand. Who is Penny as well as where is she? Let’s find out.

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Who is Penny Waldroup?

Penny Waldroup and Davis Bradley “Brad” Waldroup had been married for a few years. Their union gave the couple four kids. But their relationship was strained by the end of October 2006. The mother was scheduled to take her children with her ex-husband, who was living in a trailer at Kimsey Mountain in Polk County, Tennessee, on October 13, 2006. Penny brought her most beloved hero, Leslie Bradshaw, with her as she drove the children to Brad’s house. To be on the safe side, Penny had instructed one of her neighbors to contact the police if both of them didn’t return before 7:30 pm.

The women were driving into Brad’s trailer, he appeared to be drunk and was carrying the .22 rifle. After leaving the children as well as their belongings behind, Penny tried to go away but was prevented by Brad, who then put away the keys to the van. Brad then began abusing each Penny and Leslie and blamed Leslie for the demise of his marriage. According to various reports, he was convinced both women had an affair which cost him his marriage to Penny. Brad continued to shoot Leslie 8 times using his gun, and Penny was able to escape.

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Penny was wounded in the back by Brad, who was chasing her and fired an arrow at her head of her. She was able to disarm Brad, and the gunman pulled out a pocket knife, which severely cut her. Penny managed to throw away the knife and attempted to escape but was hit in the head by an oversized shovel by Brad. He placed her on Leslie’s body, hitting them with a machete and kicking them. During the attack, Penny lost her pinkie finger on her left hand.

Brad took Penny to the truck and asked her to say goodbye to her children, as they may never meet her in the future. He attempted to force his way onto her, but the police in the area stopped him. Brad was detained, and he subsequently led the police to the body of Leslie Penny was transported by air to Erlanger Medical Center for emergency treatment. The hospitalization was for at minimum two weeks before she was able to recover from her near-fatal injuries, as well as a substantial volume of bleeding.

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Where is Penny Waldroup Today?

The jury indicted Brad Waldroup for voluntary manslaughter and attempted murder in the second degree, as well as aggravated kidnapping, particularly kidnapping that was aggravated in August of 2008. The prosecutor had indicted him with felony murder as well as attempted first-degree murder. However, Waldroup was found guilty of lesser charges based on the testimony of a forensic psychiatrist, as well as his new research.

Penny lives in Tennessee and was a witness in court for Brad, who was ordered to serve 32 years of prison in May of 2009. She’s involved on social media platforms, where she expresses her views regarding domestic violence throughout the state of Tennessee and is a vocal advocate on behalf of survivors of domestic violence. In her spare time, Penny loves to spend time in outdoors, hiking through the mountains or on trails that are natural.

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