Where is After Happily Ever After Filmed?

Where is After Happily Ever After Filmed?

After Happily Ever After on BET” is a dating reality show that enlists ex-lovers of separation or divorce to play their former lovers and wing women to assist them in moving on and getting back in love. The show is hosted by the well-known hip-hop artist Bow Wow. It stands above the rest of the dating shows, all of which have a similar format. The BET show host throws an event for singles featuring a variety of prospects for those looking to meet. To further enhance the originality and wit in the series, the events only attend by couples’ former partners in order to determine the most suitable potential match for their former partners.

Once they have chosen a person to match, they move into the house for the next 48 hours with their previous spouse or partner. Following two weeks of getting to meet one another, The dater will decide whether they would like to continue with the person they are dating or get an opportunity to meet somebody new. The unique storyline of the show and the drama keep viewers engaged. The beautiful and luxurious home in the background makes them think of the location where ‘After Happily Ever Upon was shot. If you’re looking for the answer, allow us to inform you about the entire story!

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After Happily Ever After Filming Locations

“After Happily Ever Afterwards” is shot in Kentucky, a state located within the Southeastern region of the United States. The primary shooting for the first season of the show’s dating program occurred in that summer, 2022. Therefore, we shouldn’t delay and get straight into the locations that will be featured on the program!


Most of the key scenes in ‘After Happily Ever After were shot in Kentucky, called The Commonwealth of Kentucky. The filming team is set up in one of the luxury resorts in Kentucky, where the bulk of the drama in the reality show takes place as the prospective and potential daters become acquainted while spending time under the same space. Some of Kentucky is part of Appalachia in part of the Upland South.

The state includes the longest cave system in the world in Mammoth Cave National Park, and the longest navigable waterways within the adjacent United States. In addition, the Bluegrass State is home to numerous tourist attractions, including Bourbon distillery tours on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Lake Cumberland, Red River Gorge, The Creation Museum, and Ark Encounter of the Answers to Genesis.

In the past, Kentucky has hosted the production of numerous films and television shows, as a variety of filmmakers have visited the state. Some notable productions to have used Kentucky’s locations include ‘ Dreamer, The Art of Self-Defense Secretariat,’ and ‘Girl/Girls Scene.’

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