Where Does Elden Ring Take Place (Ohio)

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

Many players have been wondering where Elden Ring’s story is taking place, and they have been researching more about the lore and story since before the game was released. Many players were confused by recent tweets that showed the game was taking place in Ohio. Many players were confused by some recently tweeted tweets claiming that the game was taking place in Ohio.

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Where Does Elden Ring Take Place?

Elden Ring takes place where? It doesn’t take place in Ohio. The actual location is “Lands Between strong>. It’s a kingdom ruled over by Queen Marika, the Eternal, in another Realm. It doesn’t happen in reality because the gods and creatures of “Lands Between” don’t exist in our realm.

The Erdtree is a large shining tree found in Lands Between. Erdtree emits a bright yellow glow that reflects off the peaceful Lands Between residents. Erdtree was powered by the power of the “Elden Ring”. Goddess Queen Marika, the Eternal and her husband Godfrey are the first Elden Lords to control this unnatural object of unlimited power. He was the first Elden Lord to hold such a title. Your story is still to be told.

Godfrey was so powerful that he defeated the Storm Lord and Giants. The grace of Erdtree began to fade from him soon after the countless battles. Queen Marika, seeing that her husband had lost all of the Erdtree’s golden glow in his eyes, expelled him from the “Lands Between”. He was the first Tarnished. He was the first to lose grace.

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The Erdtree’s lost graces in the “Lands Between” were thus called the Tarnished and were exiled to other lands. Cursed, wandering in the unknown lands without death or limitation of life. The Tarnished, disgraced and without grace, saw themselves as the same in their lands until they were granted the grace to reunite with the Elden Ring.

You, the Tarnished, can create your own story in this game. It can be a story of revenge against the people who were banished or a story of redemption to restore glory to your ancient kingdom. Or you could think of it as anything else. Hidetaka Miyazaki said that your story and how it is told to you would be unique. You also have the ending of the legend in your hands.

The Elden Ring Lore

Because it happened so long ago, the Elden Ring’s history, purpose and mysteries are lost forever. The vital event known simply as the “Shattering” is all that’s left in the memories of bards and storytellers. To understand it, however, we must first look at the events leading up to the Shattering.

All her children with Godfrey became demi-gods and lived in the Lands Between, as Queen Marika was a Goddess. They were numerous, but they all ruled over different areas of the vast domain in peace.

All was calm in the “Lands Between” until an unknown cult, which seeks to obtain the Elden Ring for their purposes, began attacking Queen Marika’s family members in search of that ring. The attacks were so well-organized and quick that even the Goddess couldn’t stop them. Everything changed in “Lands Between” when Godwyn the Gold, her favourite son, was assassinated. We don’t know why, but his death shattered the Elden Ring. This was known as the “Shattering”.

This answers your question about “Where is Elden Ring?” and more information related to the legend. Here’s a collection of hilarious Elden Ring memes, courtesy of Reddit.

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