Where Can You locate D’s brother’s in Elden Ring?

Where Can You locate D's brother's in Elden Ring

Although players can play exploring Elden Ring at their own pace, certain quests can send players all over the place. The majority of quests are excellent at giving you an idea of where to travel, however some may allow for some speculation, which could cause you to have a hard time when you do not pay attention to the dialogs.

When playing Fia as well as D’s search line, players receive an email from Rogier detailing the situation of D’s brother and request players to free D from his sleep.

You’ll not only have to find D’s brother to complete this mission however, you’ll also need be prepared as it’s not possible to just awake him by a gentle nudge on the head.

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Where is D’s brother’s home where is D’s brother located Elden Ring?

To locate the brother of D go to The Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron, Eternal City. He’ll be seated on a balcony close to the Mist Gate, with his hands atop his head. Your first thought might be to kick a few times at D’s brother to get him up, you’ll need his Twinned Armor to get him from his sleep. If you’ve got the armor, speaking with him will present you to choose between two options as the game asks you whether you’d be willing to transfer the D’s Twinned Armor to D’s brother and if so, it will wake him up.

Where can I locate D’s Twinned Armor in Elden Ring?

In the event that you do not have the D’s Twinned Armor within your collection, then you’ll require it to awake D’s brother. To include D’s Twinned Armor into your inventory you can select to kill D upon meeting him, or trigger Fia the to kill D using his Weathered Dagger.

The first method to obtain the armor needs little explanation. The second option requires you to travel extensively throughout the map as part of D, Hunter of the Dead’s quest line. Players must talk to Fia in the Roundtable Hold to collect the Weathered Dagger. Before you are able to interact with Fia and get Dagger have in order to access Altus Plateau.

Once you’ve got The Weathered Dagger in your possession and you are ready to give the dagger to D and watch the events that lead to the death of D take place.¬†After reloading the area, you’ll see D’s body in a nearby room.¬†Take his Twinned Armor off the floor and that’s all you’ll need to get D’s brother.

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