When Does Snapchat Say You Are Typing?

When Does Snapchat Say You Are Typing?

Snapchat is a well-known social media platform for the younger generation (ages 13-17). Its increasing popularity is likely why you’re interested in knowing more about it and whether it’s customized to your or your children’s requirements.

Although there are a lot of concerns about Snapchat’s functionality, one question that continues to pop up on websites for opinions like Quora can is, “When does Snapchat claim you’re writing?”.

Many people believe that Snapchat’s Snapchat typing notification occurs by the user has to type the notification. This notion is not true. The notification is displayed when the user taps the text field in the chat window, indicating that the text box is in use.

Although this seems unimportant, Snapchat users remain divided regarding when Snapchat states that you’re typing! Let’s attempt to clarify this issue, do we?

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Different opinions

There are a variety of opinions about how Snapchat’s notification for typing operates. On the one hand, certain Snapchat users believe that the feature only alerts users when someone is typing only when there is actual writing in the input field.

Others do not agree, arguing that the notification for typing is activated when the recipient taps on the text field of the chatbox. This means you get the typing notification even if another person taps the text field but is not writing any words!

When exactly does Snapchat say that you’re typing?

A Small Experiment

We wanted to ensure we got this correct, so we used the scientific route. Here’s what we learned.

Two of us could talk in the same room, so we could observe the details of the conversation to see firsthand how the Snapchat keyboard notification function was working.

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What did we find out?

Two friends exchanged messages. Then, after they had started the chat, the chat window was enlarged, and a tiny Bitmoji avatar appeared in the lower left-right.

If one of the friends removed themselves from the chat, the avatar disappeared from the screen of her friend. The avatar reappeared after she clicked on the chat to show she was back in the conversation.

At our challenge, one of us began typing in the text box while we watched the other friend’s screen. The moment she started typing the text, the keyboard notification appeared. After she stopped, the message remained.

Here’s What We’ve Learned About Snapchat’s Notifications for Typing

In this article, I’ll review what we learned about Snapchat’s typing notifications through our small test.

When does Snapchat’s Typing Notification get Activated?

Snapchat will notify the user that they are typing when they tap the text field or start typing within the field. Contrary to popular belief, when you open the chat, it activates the Bitmoji avatar, but it does not cause the notification to be sent out for typing.

The typing notification typically appears when a user taps the text field but does not type any words. The reason for this is quite simple Snapchat’s typing notification feature appears when any activity occurs in the text field. If you tap into the area of the text box, the app believes that you’re typing and alerts you instantly.

The conclusion will be that Snapchat’s notification for typing is activated by you tap the field for text inside the chatbox is in use. This indicates that you’re writing or signaling your intention to type using the text field.

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When will the notification for typing go Disappear on Snapchat?

In most cases, the notification of typing persists until the recipient is finished typing their message and then transmitting it. At different times the delay is due to an application freezing.

Have you ever wondered why the message you typed in is left on for hours, giving the impression that another person is writing a long message when, in actuality, they’re not writing anything (though you might not have realized it)? It is because of the Snapchat app freezing. The freeze occurs the moment your user taps on the message field.

Sometimes you receive multiple notifications that show that the person on the other end of the line is typing; however, they’re not. These issues can be due to software issues everywhere and should not be a cause for worry.

What If You Could Not See Typing Notification?

The default Snapchat notification for typing is activated when your recipients tap the box to reply in kind to you. If you don’t receive the text notification, even though your recipient has replied, it could mean you’ve removed Snapchat messages.

Snapchat’s (typing) notification is enabled within Snapchat’s settings. If the notifications are activated, you need to go into the settings for notifications on your phone and then turn them on. If you’re still unable to help, try reinstalling the application.

Fun Facts About Snapchat

1. The average Snapchat user spends 4-5 hours using the app and sends approximately 34.1 texts daily!

2. If you’re a regular Snapchatter, you probably access this app at least 30 times daily!


The app’s developers created Snapchat’s keyboard notification feature to increase user engagement. Knowing how these features impact your experience is crucial for anyone who is a regular user and social media influencer.

Snapchat’s typing notifications tell users when another person is active in the chat, so they can continue to chat. But you should be aware of false positives.

This means that the alert function tries to trick you! The good news is that false positives are not common cases that do not happen frequently.

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