When Does Luffy Learn Gear 1?

When Does Luffy Learn Gear 1?

Are you eager to learn when Luffy learns gear 1 for the very first time? You are in the right spot, as I will be covering everything Luffy has to do with gear. If you are interested in learning more about the One Piece series, then continue reading.

We’ll tell you everything, including the plot details. Luffy was the main protagonist in the manga-based anime. He also wanted to be king among pirates. One day, he ate Gum Gum and was also known by Gomu-Gomu. It gave him the ability of stretching his body parts. He also established his own team, which he called Straw Hats. This is Luffy.

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When Does Luffy Learn Gear 1?

Without going any further, let’s talk about the gears. Luffy learned gear 1 while fighting with Blueno.

The increased nutrients in his body, as well as the larger blood vessels, allowed him to pump more oxygen. Luffy was able to run faster and stronger thanks to this gear. He was able to master one technique. He activated it by pumping both his legs and posting skip time. Luffy is now able to fight with the Soru Technique and Tekkai Technique using this gear.

Rayleigh trained Rayleigh for two years to make sure that this gear does not deplete his energy. However, he can use it without losing too much energy. Third gear was what boosted Luffy’s powers dramatically. To activate this gear, he must bite his thumb.

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His gear 3 can even be exceeded and the attack of gear 3 is far more than gears. Tankman’s fourth gear has many variants. Tankman’s focus is on the attack and not defense. This was not used often in the series. This was the most frequently used form of Luffy you’ll see in the series, the gear 4 bounceman.

It will encase the entire rubber with it, allowing Luffy to fly. You can also get gear 4 snakeman. It focuses more on Haki observation, which will improve speed. It was used when fighting with Katakuri. This was all about various gears.

It was all about Luffy learning gear 1. We discussed the situation and also discussed other gears and when they were used. Everything is now clear. You can still ask questions, or if you have doubts about anything, in the comment section.

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