When Did Snapchat Facial Recognition Start

Snapchat Facial Recognition Start

If you use Snapchat, you might know Snapchat is capable of facial recognition through the variety of lenses it provides its users to apply filters to their faces. But, when did Snapchat facial recognition start? Let us find out in this article about this all. 

Snapchat has always been a highly preferred photo and video sharing platform for people across the globe. Everyone loves to use Snapchat filters and share those pictures and videos with their friends and family. 

Snapchat Facial Recognition started in July 2016, Snapchat has been using its facial recognition technology since then and is believed to be preparing a facial recognition database. 

To know in detail “when did Snapchat facial recognition start” and what is Snapchat facial recognition lawsuit, keep reading the article and you will get your answers.

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When Did Snapchat Facial Recognition Start?

When Did Snapchat Facial Recognition Start

Well, it has been since July 2016 that Snapchat has been granted the facial recognition patent and Snapchat has been using this facial recognition technology for all these years. 

What Is Snapchat Facial Recognition?

Now, you must be wondering what Snapchat facial recognition technology exactly is and why it is a matter of concern. The Snapchat facial recognition technology uses a general graph or map that finds the faces on the screen and then overlays the features of the filter applied to that face. 

How Does Snapchat Facial Recognition Work?

When Did Snapchat Facial Recognition Start

The way Snapchat facial recognition works has not been easy or simple. It took the Snapchat system to be trained with thousands of varying faces by manually marking the facial features like eyes, nose, and the overall face. To apply the filter properly on Snapchat on our face, the Snapchat program uses up to 24 frames in a second so as to use the pointed mask so that it fits the filter properly on the face on the screen. 

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What Is Snapchat Facial Recognition Lawsuit?

When Did Snapchat Facial Recognition Start

What do you think is happening with the photos and videos you capture on Snapchat using the unique Snapchat lenses? Is it safe? Is your privacy maintained? Is your personal data, which are your facial features, in secure hands? Do you know the answers to all these questions? Is Snapchat secretly gathering your personal details? Perplexed, right? Let us acquaint you with this information. 

If you are thinking about what is wrong with Snapchat facial recognition, then let us tell you that Snapchat has recently been accused of using its facial recognition technology to form a facial recognition database. This means that Snapchat is taking up the facial measurements from the photographs we apply filters to and is storing those facial measurements as face templates. 

Every individual has a unique face template which means that it is counted among the personal data of a person that is highly sensitive and cannot be taken lightly. 

Even though the photo you share on Snapchat deletes within seconds of receipt or if it is a story then it gets removed after 24 hours, however, your facial features with minute details are being stored somewhere else which is a serious matter. 

Siegal has put allegations on Snapchat that Snapchat’s platform has been violating certain rules and principles of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), which can’t be spared so easily. 

He has put forth that Snapchat is not supposed to collect any person’s personal data without getting approval from that user after explaining to them properly and clearly how and for what reasons their biometric data is being collected and used. 

The plaintiff class proposed by Siegal will represent all the people whose biometric facial information has been collected by Snapchat as the citizens of Illinois and this has been certified by the court. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know when did Snapchat facial recognition start and whoever has used the Snapchat lens even once has provided Snapchat with their personal information which is sensitive and cannot be taken lightly. 

Tell us in the comments section below what you think about the Snapchat facial recognition technology and how Snapchat is using the database of the facial features of millions of its users that have tried the Snapchat lenses. 

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