What’s Japanese Singer LiSA’s Net Worth?

What's Japanese Singer LiSA's Net Worth?

Produced by Taketoshi SadoThe film The film, ‘LiSA A Great Day’ is a documentary film produced by Netflix that follows the initial decade of the professional life of Japanese singer Risa Oribe. She is popularly referred to as LiSA. The documentary reveals how the singer developed her passion to the music her struggle in her quest to become a singer and her journey into punk music.

LiSA is well-known throughout Japan and also outside of the country, and has many honors and awards. Naturally, people want to find out how wealthy LiSA is as a musician and how she managed to build up her fortune. It is good to know that we are here to find out the exact!

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How Did LiSA Earn Her Money?

LiSA discovered her breakthrough in the music industry when she was recruited to sing on “Angel Beats!” After having success in the band, LiSA released three more singles and an album remaining a member of the group called”Love Is Same All. It is actually the band’s acronym name that LiSA decided to adopt as her personal stage name. Her first solo artist came on April 20th, 2011 when she released the mini album “Letters to U,” and she played a key role as a lyricist and composer for the album. The album was followed shortly with the launch of her debut solo single “Oath Sign,” which was also the official opening track for ‘Fate/Zero.’

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The 22nd of February, 2012 LiSA, the Japanese musician released her debut full-length album, titled “Lover”s”mile,” which was capable of achieving the seventh spot in the Oricon weekly charts. The stunning use of “Oath Sign” as an anime opening sequence caught the attention of the team from “Sword Art Online,” who enlisted LiSA for her song “Crossing Field.” The track peaked at the fifth spot within the Oricon charts as her song, “Best Day, Best Way,” was placed in sixth place. LiSA’s track “Traumerei” was able to reach the 15th spot on the chart. It was included in the opening sequence of “Day Break Illusion.”

LiSA’s second solo album, “Landscape,” was released on October 30 2013 and climbed all up to the second spot in the Oricon charts. LiSA’s fifth track, “Rising Hope,” was also featured as the opener music for ‘ The Irregular at Magic High School. In the years following the singer continued to enjoy popularity and offer her fans entertaining music. In the year 2016, LiSA acknowledged her 5 years of being in the business by releasing her Letters to U EP. LiSA also offered an album mini-album titled “Lucky Hi Five!”

LiSA’s hit song “Gurenge” boosted her popularity to the next level. The track was featured as the opening theme of “Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, the anime that debuted in the year 2019.

LiSA’s Net Worth

Due to LiSA’s fame as a musician, especially one whose music is frequently included in animes of a popular nature It is not difficult to understand that the singer is wealthy. However, the hefty conversion rates between Japanese Yen and US Dollar might provide one with a different view of how wealthy LiSA is. LiSA has made plenty of money in her career that spans more than a decade, and we believe her net worth is $8 million.

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