What to do After fire giant Elden Ring?

What to do after fire giant Elden ring

Elden Ring is a massive game that offers a myriad of things to do and see, as well as several boss fights available that you can play. Due to that, you may be getting confused or stuck at times, which is where we step in. If you’re thinking¬†about what you should do after winning against Elden Ring’s Fire Giant in Elden Ring, Here’s the information you should be aware of.

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What to Do After Beating Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Suppose you’ve been able to defeat The Fire Giant; congratulations! The Fire Giant is one of the most difficult final game bosses due to the amount of damage he causes and the difficulty it takes to avoid his attacks. If you’ve defeated him, you’re in the position of having no return in the Elden Ring.

Continue to the north until you reach The Forge of Giants in its proper location, and then walk around the outside of the huge bowl to locate the Site of Grace. Engage in it at the Site of Grace for a chance to continue the story and eventually make it to the final dungeon of Elden Ring. Beware that after you engage through the Site of Grace, the world will be altered, and you’ll be locked out of some other quests.

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What should you do before interacting With Forge of the Giants Site of Grace?

If you haven’t yet explored Leyndell, one of the Royal Capital, we recommend going back to finish your quests and any other outstanding side missions. It is also a good idea to check in with any other NPCs you’ve encountered during your journey to ensure that you didn’t miss any aspect of the game.

When you’ve activated the Forge, it will mean you’re trapped in the endgame content and won’t be able to complete most of the quests until you’ve reached the new game.

If you’re confident that you’ve not missed any information, then proceed and connect with your experience on the Site of Grace and proceed through the story.

That’s all you have to know about how to proceed following your victory over Fire Giant in Elden Ring. Make sure to read our other coverage of Elden Ring below.

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