What to do after beating elden ring

What to do after beating elden ring

Players can dedicate hundreds of hours of their lives to Elden Ring and still not get to experience it all. After winning, take on Malenia first.

The players can explore for hours every corner and crevice of Elden Ring. There’s much to explore after beating the game the first time. This game will be complete when the Tarnished gets Elden Ring. Elden Ring. As players advance and defeat opponents, they’ll grow stronger with the Runes they acquire during their journey.

After unlocking Flame of Ruin, the player can take on Elden Beast. Elden Beast is the final boss of the game. After defeating him, the players can start the game up and continue their journey within the Land Between.

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What to do after beating elden ring

In an experience that’s as massive as Elden Ring, it’s almost impossible to play through everything in the first playthrough. The good news is that most Elden Ring players can be played with a companion to be an ally during combat. If you find a difficult boss, you can use your Furlcalling Finger to call a second player to join the game. There are some restrictions, for instance, the second player being taken back to their realm after the fight is over; however, they can be summoned again to the following grace point. The grace points are all being reset once the players have begun New Game Plus.

The first thing you should do following the defeat of Elden Ring should be to mark every location in the world Map where the user is yet to go to. It’s a good sign if you arrive in the new location and discover only a few graces between them. This typically means that there are secret passageways or entirely separate dungeons which were not discovered. Because a large portion of the open space is shared with a companion, you can summon them to make the experience more enjoyable. These are the most effective ways to prolong your duration in Lands Between.

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Best Things To Do After Beating Elden Ring

  • Take on Malenia Take on Malenia to be one of the toughest boss battles within Elden Ring. It’s an entirely optional boss that is located in the lower levels of Raphael. The Brace from the Haligtree. It’s the first boss to be defeated after completing all the story’s obstacles.
  • Clean Out All Resting Dungeons There could be some areas that were difficult for players to conquer after their first attempt. Based on the endgame statistics, these players need to try again. There are many Dungeons to be found in The Lands Between.
  • Participate in Invasions Participate in Invasions: This is the procedure where players take over another player’s world and become an adversary. It can certainly make a difference to an opponent’s day; however, that’s part of Elden Ring’s experience, and it could result in an exciting battle experience for all sides.
  • Beginning Journey 2: This is Elden Ring’s New Game Plus, which will bring all attributes and spells to this new world. All grace sites or Bell Bearings will disappear along with all the Great Runes that were gathered. It’s a great opportunity to get a feel for the start of the game with pumped-up numbers.

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The underground region in The Lands Between is full of obstacles and boss fights. Elden Ring is a title that players could spend hundreds of hours playing without ever having a look at all of the areas. Certain areas are restricted until the player has completed an NPC quest. It is always beneficial to talk with NPCs whenever they show up. It’s highly likely that to be a huge Elden Ring DLC is on the way that could provide players with a reason to go back to The Lands Between soon.

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