What Time is BeReal Now?


What’s the time of BeReal today we hear you asking.

This information can make all the difference. It will allow to plan ahead and stage your selfie, saving you from embarrassing photos.

It may also be helpful in deleting your BeReal posting. But is it possible?

What Time is the BeReal App Currently?

BeReal’s time is never set – it can change every day. But can we predict the BeReal time of today?

The BeReal time for today, tomorrow or any other day is not known. Notifications will be sent at the “normal waking hour” of the selected time zone. BeReal could mean anything between 7 AM and 12 PM.

BeReal notifications come at random times so you can’t plan your post. You must be honest and unfiltered.

Although you can post a late but still perfect BeReal upload, it will receive a shameful “posted too late” timestamp. Additionally, the app will notify your friends to let you know that you just posted a “late” message.

You can choose to not post at any time. There is however a tradeoff. BeReal posts from friends will be hidden and the Discovery Page will remain hidden until your BeReal is posted.

Predictions by BeRealTime

As we have said, it’s impossible to know the BeReal hour precisely. We do know, however, that notifications are sent during “normal hours of waking,” which are from 7 AM to noon.

We looked at the BeReal Time for the previous few days to try and narrow down the problem. The data we gathered showed that there was not one notification received after 12 noon or before 8 AM.

You should expect to be notified within this 16 hour timeframe. While the notification time frame is still very broad, it gives us a better idea when they will be sent.

BeReal Time History

To find a pattern in BeReal notifications, we’re keeping track of them in different timezones. The table below displays the BeReal notification timing history for the past few weeks. This information can help us to predict the BeReal timing better.


10-10-202204:22 PM03:41
09-10-202205.36PM11:39 PM
08-10-202211:35 p.m.06:12 PM
07-10-202203:05 Pm12:27 PM
06-10-202202:06 PM03:05 PM
05-10-202207:14 PM
04-10-202211:52 AM07:32PM
03-10-202212:43 PM10:43 PM
02-10-202205.01 pm05.38PM
01-10-202206:4503:04 P.M.
30-09-202207:4202:13 PM
29-09-202210:00 AM
28-09-202206:5201:23 Pm
27-09-202205.24PM07:14 PM
26-09-202212:05 PM01:59 PM
25-09-202205.23 pm10:00 AM
23-09-202211:22 a.m.07:15 PM
22-09-202201:00PM11:59 AM
21-09-202211:26 PM12:56 PM
19-09-20225:03 PM06:51
18-09-202203:08 p.m.01:15 PM
16-09-202207:52PM10:00 AM
15-09-202205.20PM05.52 PM
14-09-202207:32PM01:28 PM
13-09-202212:35 PM12:15 PM08:48
12-09-202208:1107:38 p.m.
11-09-202207:33 PM03:52
10-09-202209:3710:52 pm
09-09-202211:24 am12:07 PM
08-09-20223:33 PM01:49 PM
07-09-202206:0408:09 PM
06-09-202201:22 PM05.32 PM06:24 p.m.
05-09-202210:00 PM

You will see that all BeReal notifications for East Asia and Americas come after 10PM. Only 4 out of 36 (in East Asia), and 2 out 29 (in Americas), arrive before 12 PM.

This means that 90% of BeReal notifications occur in the afternoon. strong data_v-1367f986 Using this calculation, the BeReal timeline can be narrowed to 10 AM – 12:00 PM. It is possible for the notification to arrive before 10 am on some days but it is rare.

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Is BeReal the same for everyone?

Each BeReal user in the same location receives the notification at the exact same time. You can check out what your friends are up to at 4:00 PM.

However, you can alter the time at which you receive notifications. You can do this by changing your time zone.


To change the time zone go to your profile. Tap the 3-dots symbol and choose Time Zone. Now choose a time zone you like. It is important to remember that you can only modify your time zone once daily.

When Does BeReal Reset?

BeReal doesn’t have a fixed reset date. BeReal resets automatically when the next BeReal notifications goes out. The BeReal reset times are the same as those in the BeReal notification.

BeReal resets all of your BeReal posts, including those from yesterday. You can still access your BeReal posts in the Memories section.

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