What Should You Do First in Elden Ring: Best Route for Weapons, Important Map The Locations

What Should You Do First in Elden Ring: Best Route for Weapons, Important Map The Locations

Elden Ring features the biggest universe From Software has ever made, and, due to its open-ended design, it’s not easy to determine which option to choose. You are able to do almost everything, but what should you do? Do you need to fight with that Tree Sentinel on the horse which is roaming around the start zone, for example? You definitely shouldn’t not; however, by using the light beams at Sites of Grace, you are able to start moving in the correct direction. But you may miss out on some fantastic opportunities if you only use them to discover the first steps to take within Elden Ring, but our suggestions will make the process simpler.

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Go to Elleh’s Church of Elleh

The gold dust floating in your initial Site of Grace pushes you in this direction. However, you should go to this Church of Elleh as soon as you can. It’s a great location for all activities in West Limgrave activities and the central point for a variety of important occasions. Be sure to ensure that you give yourself and the Tree Sentinel a broad berth unless you’re feeling lucky. This boss is best fought after having improved your weapons at least once.

Locate The Very First Map

Elden Ring is happy to let you roam around in circles without providing how to locate maps; however, it is important to note that the West Limgrave map fragment is close to the Church. Go north until you can see the ruins of stone structures (the barracks). Make sure you’re fully healthy. We recommend using stealth in dealing with the soldiers in the barracks since it’s possible to become overwhelmed in a short time.

There’s a stele along the road, just outside of the barracks. You can interact with it to receive an initial map piece. You might need to plan your interactions carefully since a formidable polearm-wielding soldier is on the roads.

However, finding and interfacing these memorials is how you’ll receive maps in each region. The blank West Limgrave map hides the monument’s icon; however, it’s evident in other maps.

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Get the Spirit Ringing Bell

After you’ve completed 3 Sites of Grace and met Melina for the first time, quickly return to Church of Ellen. There’s a sign that Kale, the merchant, has fallen asleep, the entire area is covered by fog, and a blue-glowing woman is in the vicinity.

You could go for days without picking up or ringing the Spirit Calling Bell, but you don’t need to!

This is Ranni, who is the witch. Contact her to get the Spirit Bell and unlock Spirit Ash’s summons. The ashes can be used to summon various NPCs to battle, from a gang of wandering sorcerers, jellyfish, wolves, and even wolves. Spirit Ashes can be upgraded later on, and their use is essential for boss battles, like the very first boss outside Stormveil Castle.

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Find Stormhill Shack

The path that leads to Stormveil Castle opens up once you’ve passed through Stormgate. After that, turn right, then head to the east until you come across an unassuming structure. Roderika is the lady inside and is your informal guide to understanding how side quests function inside the Elden Ring. Talk to her a few times, and you’ll find out she’s fascinated by Chrysalid items. Contact her again to get Jellyfish Spirit Ash. Jellyfish Spirit Ash.

There’s the Chrysalid within Stormveil Castle, which you can take with you to Roderika. If she’s not in Stormhill Shack, she’ll be in Roundtable Hold. After you’ve defeated the second boss in the main story, she’ll assist in upgrading your Spirit Ashes.

This is a great strategy to handle any NPC that isn’t trying to harm you. You can talk to them repeatedly and, if they’re part of The Roundtable Hold, check back following major events in the story to see what’s changed their behavior.

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Go to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, but don’t Burn yourself.

In the south-facing part of Agheel Lake, there is a collection of ruins known as”the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. A number of enemies are found in the area, and it is a good location for early-game Rune farming. Two stairs descend into the ruin.

The northern one leads you to a room brimming with rats. The treasure chest is a trap that will take you to a much more challenging area. The southern is hidden behind some walls which you’ll have to Torrent to leap over. You’ll be taken to a small room with a chest that houses the Twinblade, a great tool for those classes favored by the Strength.

Battle Bloody Finger Nerijus

Elden Ring includes some scripted Invasions in which antagonistic NPCs fight in fixed areas. Follow the northerly flow of the river from Agheel Lake and then continue to the extent you can travel. Then you’ll receive an email stating that Bloody Finger Nerijus is invading. Keep your distance and try to dodge Nerijus’ attacks which will cause Bleed. A friendlier NPC will accompany you, divert Nerijus and let you strike (mostly) without the fear of being retaliated against.

When Nerijus defeats you, then receive Nerijus’s Reduvia Dagger. It increases in power with Dexterity and Arcane, And even though it’s lacking in Strength, it compensates by allowing you to inflict bleeding on your enemies. Even even if your Arcane rating is small, you’ll still be able to benefit from the weapon and its effects.

Find Margit’s Shackle

Murkwater Cave is near the area where you fight Nerijus. The dungeon is brief and ends in a fight against Patches, The Tarnished merchant. Patches beg you to help him at close to the battle, and you should. Get out of the area, take a rest in a Site of Grace, and return to purchase useful things from Patches. The most notable of these is Margit’s Shackle, a unique item you can use twice during the first boss battle to lock Margit in position for a couple of seconds. It comes with a cost of 5000 Runes, however.

In the Stormhill Shack, you can get a missed introduction to side-questing within Elden Ring.

Visit the Limgrave Tunnels

It is crucial to upgrade your weapons for a successful upgrade, and to do this, you’ll require Smithing Stones. Nearly all regions have, at the very minimum, at least one mine “tunnels” and dungeons. There, you’ll discover Smithing Stones both in the area and as loot from your enemies. Melee class players, beware, however. Limgrave Tunnels’ enemies are invulnerable to most physical attacks but are susceptible to magic.

Brave Waypoint Ruins Waypoint Ruins

If you’re interested in making a bet on the Intelligence stat, You can locate a Glintstone Sorceress within the Waypoint Ruins on the eastern edge of the West Limgrave map. The ruin is awash with terrifying plant monsters, such as one that showers holy lightning. Get rid of the smaller ones, and plunge to the ruin when the path is cleared, and you can walk down the steps.

You’ll be facing The Mad Pumpkin head boss in this fight, although it’s a fairly straightforward battle. The Mad Pumpkin is a three-hit combo in which he is attacked with his flail followed by his fist, and finally his flail once more, which usually happens when you’re near the Mad Pumpkin. Dash away to avoid attacks, then come back to attack. Sometimes, he also slams his head against the ground.

The next room is accessible. After that, you have defeated Mad Pumpkin Head to meet Sellen, the sorcerer. Sellen sells the basic Glintstone spells. If you take your Glintstone Craftsman Cookbooks, she’ll increase her inventory.

Locate that Flask for Wondrous Physik

In the Northeast part of the Waypoint Ruins is another church located in it, the Third Church of Marika, and it’s a significant one. Engage with the statue in its center, and you will get the flask of Wondrous Physik and two starter crystals that are used to mix effects. In contrast to the Tear Flasks, the Flask of Wondrous Physik is a multi-purpose bottle based on the crystals you choose to add to it.

Certain effects can boost your energy attacks; for instance, some can provide the ability to sustain your stamina for longer. Making the most appropriate combination at the right time will greatly improve your survival odds, making this an essential product to get as early as possible.

For more details on Elden Ring, Check out our basic tips to help keep your heroes silent in the right place and stay clear of the ever-present “YOU died” image.

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