What is “WRD” in Snapchat? Explained

What is "WRD" in Snapchat? Explained

There’s a myriad of jargons used by users on Snapchat. It’s best to keep abreast of the various terminologies, including abbreviations and acronyms, so that you don’t get lost midway through an exchange.

The most frequently used terms are “WYD,” “SMH,” “TLDR,” “IYKYK,” “DFKM,” ” OFC,” and most recently, “WRD.” But what exactly does the acronym “WRD” refer to on Snapchat?

Quick Answer: The word ” WRD” can also be used in a different form called ” WOD.” These two terms mean the same thing in the context and are both abbreviations for the word ” word.” We all know the meaning of “word” is in the dictionary but is there more in the context of a Snapchat conversation?

This article will examine the context of “word” and other slang terms it could refer to in conversation. We will give examples and how to utilize these words in conversation.

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Contextual significance of “WRD” on Snapchat

Wrd” is a slang term used to indicate surprise or to agree with a statement. It’s similar to “really” to express a question or an agreement.

For a concrete context instance, look at this dialogue between Maya with Angelo.

  • Maya: “Hey, Angelo!”
  • Angelo: “Hi, Maya. What’s up?”
  • Maya“The crazy thing I’ve ever experienced happened this morning, Angelo. I was driving to work today when a pitbull chased me!”
  • Angelo: “wrd? !”

In this exchange, Angelo used the slang “wrd” to convey shock and disbelief over the incident which occurred to Maya.

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Let’s take a look at another instance of the use of “wrd” in the following.

  • Timmy: “Hey, bro.”
  • Samuel: “Hey, bro. What’s good?”
  • Timmy: “Well, there’s nothing much to say. I’m crammed with schoolwork and trying to do everything I can to boost my marks. This leaves me with no time to relax, and I’m exhausted .”
  • Samuel: “Oh! I’m sorry, “Bro. Would you like a break for a few days or even a few days?”
  • Timmy: “I can’t. It’s the way it goes in college. Every minute counts, and I’ll enjoy the time I deserve at the end of the semester.”
  • Samuel: “Wrd. You’re right.”

Samuel uses “wrd” to support Timmy’s assertion in the conversation above. These two methods are ways you can successfully use the “wrd” word in a Snapchat conversation.

Many Snapchat users utilize “wrd” in situations similar to these two instances. The key to using “wrd” lies in the contextual context.

Other Significances Of “WRD” Snapchat Snapchat

In addition to the two traditional ways to use “wrd” in conversations, others might use it in its original meaning or use it to mean something else completely. Another common misconception of “wrd” could be “weird.”

So you could see “wrd” when you talk to someone similar to the ones below.

  • Randy: “I missed your call, Mom. Is everything okay?”
  • Mom: “Hi, Randy. I’m just wondering what wrd that you use to define the breed you would like to get.”
  • Randy: “LOL. I’ve said that I want an extremely loyal dog, Mommy.”
  • Mom: “Oh! Yes! I think I’ve found the ideal pet for your needs, Randy!”
  • Randy: “Really? Thanks, Mom! I’ll see you very soon.”

In that exchange, it was clear that the”wrd” slang “wrd” was used merely to refer to its context-free “word.”

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In the discussion below, we’ll see the usage for “wrd” to mean “weird.”

  • Antoine: “Did you see the person at an intersection of the station?”
  • James: “Yes. He was looking at me with a puzzled look”Bro. What was the reason you asked?”
  • Antoine“I had planned to make the same comment!”
  • James: “Well, it’s not like he’s been doing anything more sinister than sitting there, so we can leave him alone.”
  • Antoine: “Sure thing.”

It’s not usual to refer to “wrd” to mean “weird,” but just follow the flow whenever it seems.

Beyond these definitions, There is no need to use the “wrd” term on Snapchat. But, you could be talking to someone smart and using “WRD” to mean:

  • White Ribbon Day
  • World Run Day
  • Web Resource Data
  • The Wireless Reading Device.

It’s up to you to figure out what the person is trying to say.


After you’ve learned about the meaning and potential usage for “wrd,” you have one less slang term to be concerned over in Snapchat conversations!

So, go ahead and have a chat with your Snapchat group of friends!

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