What is My WhatsApp Number and Username? Easy Ways to Find It on Android and iPhone

My WhatsApp Number

WhatsApp is used by more the WhatsApp Payments, WhatsApp Business Features, and the call feature.

Even though so many people have used WhatsApp every day for years, it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever master WhatsApp. It can be difficult for some people to find My WhatsApp Number and Username they registered with WhatsApp. It’s not a bad thing to be aware of these findings. However, we don’t try to find them before we feel the need.

It is common to ask, “What is my WhatsApp number?”. Here’s a guide to help you figure it out if you have difficulty figuring them both.

This tutorial will show you how to find the right things on your Android or iOS mobile phones.

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Find My WhatsApp Number and Username on Android

What is My WhatsApp Number and Username? Easy Ways to Find It on Android and iPhone

Note: I am using an Android 9.0 Vivo V15 phone to accomplish this task. These steps can be used with WhatsApp version 2.20.140.

It is very easy to find your WhatsApp # and WhatsApp ID. Just follow these steps.

1. To locate WhatsApp, open the App Drawer on your Android smartphone.

2. Open WhatsApp to see all your chats with multiple people. Tap on the 3 dot icon located at the top right side.

3. After tapping the 3 dot icon, tap on the Settings button.

4. This page shows your profile picture, the settings options provided by WhatsApp, and your username next to your profile pic.

5. You now know how to find your username. All you need is the registered Number. Click on your username, profile pic or wherever in the above section.

6. The next page will open, and you’ll see your telephone number inside the section registered with WhatsApp. If you have doubts about the username, it will be displayed again in the Name section.

Everyone doesn’t need to see your username in your WhatsApp profile. If another person has saved the contact, they will see the username they saved in their email address book.

If the person has not saved your contact in their address book, they will see your username.

It is possible to export WhatsApp contacts if necessary. To learn more, you can read this article.

To change your registered username or Number, tap on the appropriate section. You will be able to modify them.

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Find My WhatsApp Number and Username on iOS.

What is My WhatsApp Number and Username? Easy Ways to Find It on Android and iPhone

Note: This task is accomplished using iPhone 7 running on iOS version 13.6 (and WhatsApp version 2.20.80).

It’s as simple as searching for your username and WhatsApp number on iOS. It’s helpful to be able to find them, even though the steps may differ slightly.

1. To open and access WhatsApp, swipe left or right on your iOS device’s app drawer.

2. Now, the WhatsApp home screen with all chats will be displayed. To access the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen, you will need to tap it.

3. You can view your username in the WhatsApp Setting.

4. You can tap again on your username to take you to a new screen. Here you will see your username and the registered phone number with WhatsApp.

You now know how to locate the WhatsApp number and username you used for so long on iOS.

Similar to Android devices, if another user saves your contact, they will only see your name on your WhatsApp account. The username is only shown to those who have not saved the contact but are still connected to you via WhatsApp.

You can also change your username and Number at any time. To change your username, simply tap on the Edit profile section. To change your phone number, go to Settings and select the Account Section. To change your registered WhatsApp number, tap Change Number.

WhatsApp also has secret tips and tricks that you’ll be amazed to find.

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What is my WhatsApp number/Username? Difference between saved and unsaved contacts

What is My WhatsApp Number and Username? Easy Ways to Find It on Android and iPhone

Do you still have trouble finding your username or Number on the iOS/Android devices you use? I’m quite sure you don’t. Remember that your username won’t be visible to all people you have contact with. Only people who have not saved your name in their contact list will see it. This is true for iOS and Android users.

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