What is ISTG Mean On Text Messages?

What is ISTG Mean On Text Messages?

ISTG is “I swear to God.”

Kids frequently use this to express anger or frustration.

For instance, they could say, “ISTG, this homework is a pain.”

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What is ISTG? How to Talk to Your Child about Slang

Are you looking to engage your child in the meaning of slang? Here are some ideas for conversation starters with children for helping in teaching them the right technology practices.

  • “What’s the latest word are you and your friends enjoying?”
  • “When I was your age, I heard people say that”all that and chips’ when it was fantastic. What’s your favorite word to describe something amazing? ?”
  • “I know emojis may have a different meaning to children than they do to their parents. What are the emojis that I use that you believe I shouldn’t use? ?”
  • “If you had to define yourself with only one emoji, which one would you choose?”

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How to Utilize “ISTG” in Text Messages

In this segment, we’ll explain how people who use social media utilize “ISTG” for chatting with their buddies.

  • A: “Well, this is the third time that I’ve lost my passport, and I’m not able to catch the flight to Sydney.”
  • B: “Again? It’s hilarious, ISTG!”
  • A: “Stop. I’m so sad. I must wait for more than a day before we see each other again.”

A second illustration.

  • A: “Let me tell you this. Yesterday my daughter Sophia declared that she loved Peter so that she was in love with him at her class’s birthday party. She was just five years old, and everyone in the class was jolly. I even got this footage .”
  • B: “ISTG!”
  • A: “It’s funny, isn’t it? My husband has the exact reaction you do. She’s so adorable !”

Below are two instances of “ISTG” in text messages. As you can observe, “ISTG” is not negative slang and can be used in various instances.

Final Words

Yayyy! We hope this article can help you understand the meaning of “ISTG” and its use on Text Message & Facebook and other platforms. Remember that we provide the most recent information on social media that will help users in many ways. Stay tuned for more!

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