What is a Discord Kitten? (2022)

Discord Kitten

Are you close to someone who claims to have a Discord Kitten or has one? This is what you need to know.

Are you familiar with the Discord Kitten term? I hadn’t either until I searched for it. It wasn’t the adorable little kitten sticker I had hoped for. Discord is a place where gamers can chat. Many players find others with similar interests. This is not always a safe place for everyone. This article will explain everything you need to know about a Discord kitten. This includes what to do if someone you know has Discord kittens.

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What does The ‘Discord Kitten Meme’ mean?

What is a Discord Kitten? (2022)

Discord’s kitten meme refers only to members who call themselves kittens or take care of them. A kitten is a female Discord user who gets Nitro in exchange for making her ‘Discord dad’ happy, which is usually an adult male. This could be anything from saying “uwu” to much more. Discord kitten is a strange term.

This dynamic is where the Discord daddy acts as the leader, and the kitten follows him. The leader may have multiple kittens in his litter and can keep them for as long as he likes. The Discord kitten and Daddy are a toxic and creepy dynamic that clearly shows one is superior to the other.

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What is a Discord Kitten? (2022)

Although Nitro is a cool thing to have, is it worth the effort? A kitten is more than just a cute thing. There are financial rewards and consequences. If you are considering it, think again. Being a kitten is not the same thing as being a cyber sugar baby.

This is our guide to the meaning of Discord kitten. Be responsible when surfing the internet and only use Discord to have fun and games. You’ll be fine if you avoid the strange side of the internet. This article contains more Discord-related content.

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