What happened to Chris Wilson Wilson?

What happened to Chris Wilson Wilson?

Netflix’s “Wild Croc Territory” is an Australian nature reality TV series that was filmed in the Northern Territory of Australia. Matt Wright and his team are wildlife experts who strive to preserve the natural world. They are experts in dealing with dangerous crocodiles and how to relocate them in the least harmful way for the animals and people involved.

Chris Wilson was one of the most prominent cast members of the show. His talents and personality made him a favorite among the viewers. The news of his sudden death was shocking to viewers. Here’s everything we know about the reality TV star and the tragic circumstances that led to his death.

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Who was Chris Wilson’s “Willow?”

Chris Wilson, a member of the civil construction industry, was born and raised in Northern Territory. He also worked as a Crocodile wrangler. He started his career as a laborer in a civil concrete crew and quickly became a valued member of the Northern Territory’s civil construction industry. Chris has over 15 years of experience and knows how to make his projects succeed. As a civil engineer and project superintendent, Chris was involved in many important projects throughout the region and contributed significantly to the improvement of the infrastructure.

Mick Burns and Chris Burns were the directors of Northern Australia Civil Pty Ltd before his death. His machinery and plant design expertise was a huge benefit to the company. Chris was awarded the Northern Territory Young Achiever Award in 2018 for his achievements in civil construction.

It’s interesting to note that ‘Wild Croc Territory” was not Chris’ first venture into the television industry. Many of our readers might recognize him from his appearance on the popular show “Outback Wrangler,” which also featured Matt Wright. The duo’s daring and skills entertained fans. Chris and Danielle were happily married and had two children before Crocodile Waller’s demise.

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How did Chris Wilson “Willow” Wilson die?

On February 28, 2022, Chris Wilson, 34, and Sebastian Robinson, 28, embarked on a helicopter flight to retrieve crocodile eggs in hard-to-reach areas. The pilot was the latter. Two other crews were also on the same mission. The helicopters took off from Noonamah in the Northern Territory at 7:15 AM and traveled for about 90 minutes over the King River.

Chris and Sebastian began collecting eggs when they reached the first staging area. The other two crews continued on their journey. The first pilot was lowered from the helicopter and then attached to a rope to collect the eggs. The helicopter crashed into nearby trees after he was only 30 meters from the aircraft.

After not receiving any communication from Chris or Sebastian, the other crews became concerned and one of their pilots returned to check on them. After returning to the helicopter, the pilot found Chris’ body about 40 meters away from the wreckage. Official reports state that the sling line attachment rings were not connected to the helicopter cargo hook. This led to the main blade cutting through a tree trunk and then collapsing into an upright position.

It was also discovered that the helicopter’s engine had stopped working before the crash. However, the cause of the accident has yet to be determined. Despite being arrested in connection to the accident, he was not charged.

About 90 minutes after the crash, Chris and Sebastian were found. The two were rushed to Tiwi’s Royal Darwin Hospital, Northern Territory. They were then flown to Brisbane, Australia. Chris died from his injuries while Sebastian was recovering from the accident. His death left a huge hole in the hearts of his family, including his wife, Danielle, and his sons Ted, 4 and 1, who was at the time of the tragedy.

Chris’ friend and co-star Matt Wright were deeply touched by the news and grieved his loss. His family asked that all well-wishers donate to the NT Starlight Foundation, rather than sending flowers for Chris’ funeral. In honor of the Crocodile Wrangler, attendees were asked to wear their favorite cowboy hats. We send our best wishes to Chris’ family and wish them all the best.

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