What Does Snapchat Pending In Grey Mean: Hers’s Everything You Need To Know

Snapchat Pending In Grey Mean

Snapchat Pending In Grey Mean‘ under a user’s name if they have received a snap from you before accepting your friend request.

Sometimes, Snapchat may experience problems sending snaps to recipients if it is down.

Your message status will change from pending grey to delivered in Blue once the snapper has added your back and included you in their “friends list”.

This in-depth guide will help you understand why Snapchat uses pending in grey. It will also help you get back to using short videos and photos to communicate.

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What Does Snapchat Pending In Grey Mean?

What Does Snapchat Pending In Grey Mean: Hers's Everything You Need To Know

Snapchat says pending in grey. Why?

Under the recipient’s name, you will see the word “Pending” with an arrow next to it in grey. This indicates that your message has not reached their Snapchat account.

What is the reason your Snapchat message has not been sent?

Reason 1.

You must add your friend to Snapchat to be able to send photos or text messages to each other.

You can’t send a friend request to someone if they don’t accept it. They will not be able to receive any of the items you sent until you add them back.

Snapchat will display pending in grey because they have not received the message. Before the message can be delivered, they will need to accept your friend request.

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Reason 2.

Snapchat may have removed you from a contact’s friend list.

If you receive messages but they stop working, the user has removed you from their friend list. You will need to invite them back.

How can you delete a Snapchat friend?

Step 1. Go to your Chat screen

Step 2. Locate the user and Press down to their name

Step 3. Choose Manage Friendship’

Step 4. Select Remove Friend’

Confirm that you wish to remove them. After this, you will be unable to send Snaps from the user unless your profile has been set up or ‘Public’.

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Reason 3.

What Does Snapchat Pending In Grey Mean: Hers's Everything You Need To Know

If privacy settings for someone are set to “Public”, they will be able to receive snaps from any person who sends them something even though they are not friends.

This setting can be changed to Private to stop users from receiving snaps from people who aren’t friends with them.

If you send someone content that is not on your friend list and it now says pending in grey, this means they may have updated their privacy settings.

Reason 4. Server error

Snapchat can sometimes experience problems with its server.

This could cause problems with the app’s normal operation and can hinder the delivery of messages.

This link will keep you up-to-date on the status of Snapchat’s servers.

Reason 5.

All messages, images, and videos that have been deleted from a Snapchat account will be lost.

Because their profile will be deleted.

Fun Fact: 1,000,000 snaps are sent every minute. )

Reason 6.

You or your friends might be experiencing problems with their apps. This could be because your cache files are full or because your app requires updating.

Always ensure that you are using the most recent version of Snapchat.

Clearing Snapchat’s cache files will increase performance and free up storage space.

Profile > Settings > Account Actions

Snapchat, Note will need to be restarted.

You may need to uninstall Snapchat and reinstall it if the problem persists. This guide will help you remove the app from your phone.

Reason 7. Poor internet connection

What Does Snapchat Pending In Grey Mean: Hers's Everything You Need To Know

Your snaps may not be delivered if your recipient has an unstable internet connection.

If you enable Data Saver mode, it can also interfere with your messages as the app will use fewer data.

If Snapchat is displaying pending in grey, we recommend that you reset your WiFi router or mobile data.

Tip: Check your internet speed to ensure that your app is receiving sufficient bandwidth.

Reason 8.

Snapchat can lock your account if it finds out that you are not following its community guidelines.

You won’t be able to send snaps successfully until you unlock it.

You can unlock your account if it is temporarily secured. However, Snapchat won’t be able open it if it is permanently secured.

What is the reason it says pending on Snapchat? I haven’t sent anything.

It is ‘pending’ by someone’s username, which means that they still need to accept your request.

After they add you as a friend, your pending status will disappear, and your messages will be delivered.

Is pending on Snapchat a sign that you are blocked?

It does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked if you see your case pending in grey under an individual’s name.

You may not have received your friend request.

How can you tell if Snapchat is blocking you?

Snapchat won’t allow you to search for the person who blocked you.

If you were in an open conversation with someone and are unable to see them now, it is a clear indicator that you have been blocked.


We hope you have better understood Snapchat’s grey pending status. This will allow you to continue using the instant messaging app to send photos and keep your friends updated without worrying about anything.

You can still contact Snapchat by visiting their support webpage or reporting a problem via the mobile application (Profile > Setting > Feedback > Shake To Report).

Snapchat has a Support Page on Twitter, which will keep you informed about real-time issues.

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